Bluelounge Notebook Kit

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The Bluelounge Notebook Kit can be bought from Design Museum Shop located at Red Dot Traffic for S$31.05.

I also saw the Notebook Kit being sold at EpiCentre at Ion Orchard for S$39 (after 10% member’s discount is S$35.10) which is slightly more expensive than Design Museum Shop. Challenger at IMM on the other hand is selling for S$29 (after 10% member’s discount is S$26.10) which is the cheapest among the three shops.

The Bluelounge Notebook Kit consist of the Bluelounge Cool Feet and 2x Bluelounge Cableyoyo (silver) and a free red carrying pouch for the Cool Feet.

Check out my previous blog post on the Bluelounge Cool Feet and Bluelounge Cableyoyo!


Box Contents Nicely Packed

Box Contents


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