I did not see the Bluelounge Cool Feet selling in Singapore as well until yesterday at Challenger at IMM, mine was also part of the Bluelounge Notebook Kit which I got it at Design Museum Shop for S$31.05.

Bluelounge Cool Feet Box

I saw the Cool Feet being sold at Challenger at IMM for S$18.90 (after 10% member’s discount is S$17.01). Head down there if you want to get the Cool Feet as a standalone product.

The Cool Feet is a notebook riser which uses suction cup to attached itself to your notebook if it has a smooth surface at the back. It works well with MacBooks as well as iPads. It also comes with 4 adhesive plates (2 big and 2 small) for you to stick on the back of your notebook if it does not have a smooth surface at the back.

I just love the Cool Feet because it does not require me to stick any adhesive at the back of my MacBook Pro unlike most notebook risers. Not forgetting, it also comes with a free red carrying pouch!

Bluelounge Cool Feet

Uses Suction Cup

Attached To The Back Of MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Rises