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Sanyo Eneloop Standard Charger NC-MQN09

Got the Sanyo Eneloop Standard Charger NC-MQN09 [1] at Challenger at Funan for S$29.90 (after member’s discount is S$26.91).

I was deciding between 2 variants, the Standard Charger NC-MQN09 [1] (S$29.90) or the Basic Charger NC-MQN09 [2] (S$22.90). The price difference is S$7.

I end up choosing the NC-MQN09 because for S$7 extra, you get US-plug compatibility, microprocessor to control the charging and 2x blue LED to give you obvious indication of the charging status which you can double it up as a night light as well.

This charger can charge 4x AA or 4x AAA batteries and the charging status is split into 2 sets (set A and set B) of 2 batteries each and each represented by 1x blue LED.

Packaging Front

Packaging Contents

US-plug Compatibility

2x Blue LED

Set A Is Fully Charged While Set B Is Still Charging

A [3]