I backed Heckler Design OneLessDrop (Kickstarter link) on Kickstarter way back on 4th February 2011. It was funded on 2nd March 2011 and raised a total of US$22,271, though the goal was only US$12,500.

I paid US$25 + US$10 shipping (total: US$35) for it. It was shipped on the week of 5th September 2011 and I received it on the 27th September 2011.

Pre-Orders One OneLessDrop: Kickstarter Edition. Plus, access to project updates to include “Making of” footage as it happens. Includes US domestic shipping. Outside the continental US? Please pledge an additional $10.

OneLessDrop is actually a cable holder/anchor that allows you to hold 2 cables at one time, one at the top groove and one at the bottom groove. You can use the top groove to hold your Apple MagSafe Cable and the bottom groove to hold your Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable.



OneLessDrop (Bottom View)

Top Groove (Apple MagSafe Cable)

Top Groove (Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable)