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Motorola RAZR

The Motorola RAZR [1] will be available on sale in Singapore from tomorrow, 11th November 2011 onwards for a recommended retail price of S$888 (without contract). It also will be available at all three local telcos, SingTel, StarHub and M1.

Motorola RAZR

I have a chance to played with the Motorola RAZR at the media event last week. My first impression on it was it is indeed thin (69mm wide x 131mm long x 7.1mm thin) and light (127g). The materials used to make it is interesting, Kevlar fibre coating for the body and Corning Gorilla Glass screen for the touchscreen.

The build of the phone is so good that the product manager challenge me to drop my iPhone 4S without casing from the same height together with the Motorola RAZR. Obviously, I dare not take up the challenge, point taken that the Motorola RAZR is indeed tough.

Even the advertisement (below) uses the phone to pry open the lift doors! Now, if only Motorola did an advertisement of the Kevlar material used being bullet proof. It might just go viral!

The phone packs a 4.3″ Super AMOLED display of qHD resolution (960×540), 1GB of RAM and a dual-core 1.2GHz processor running on Android 2.3.5. It has 16GB of storage on board and supports up to an additional 32GB via microSD card. The camera is pretty impressive too, the rear camera is a 8MP Camera with LED flash capable of recording 1080p videos and the front-facing camera is a 1.3MP HD Web Cam capable of recording 720p videos.

Technical Specifications

At the event, they also showcased MotoCast [2]. It is something like Dropbox [3], except that instead of uploading files to the cloud, you are actually accessing files in your computer.

In another words, MotoCast streams documents, videos and music to your Motorola Razr phone from anywhere in the world via 3G or Wi-Fi. The only thing you need to do is to leave your computer switched on and install the MotoCast software on your computer (works on PC & Mac).

You have the option to download the file if you do not want to stream it. But you can’t actually upload files from your phone to your PC. I wish they have this feature sometime in the future. You also can access your files in your PC on your desktop browser via MyMotoCast.com [4] if you do not have your Motorola phone with you.

I kinda like this service because afterall, storage on your local PC’s HDD is still cheaper than any cloud storage out there.

Official Site: Motorola RAZR [1]
Official Site: MotoCast [2]
Official Site: Mototola Singapore [5]