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Sanyo Eneloop Glitter AA Battery 8HR-3UTGA-SECP-GL

Always wanted to get the Sanyo Eneloop Glitter AA Battery [1] because it just looks so nice!

Luckily for me, the PR agency of Sanyo Eneloop sent that to me for me to feature it on my blog after seeing I am such a Sanyo Eneloop fan as I have a featured section on Sanyo Eneloop [2]!

Anyway back to Sanyo Eneloop Glitter AA Battery, each AA battery has a capacity of 1,900mAh and all of them are Made In Japan.

It takes me about 2 hours to fully charged all 4 of them at once instead of the usual 4 hours as I am guessing the battery is already half full. Sanyo Eneloop batteries can hold the charge really well, I have some batteries that I have fully charged and I left it there for about 6 months and the the battery is still full (tested with battery tester).

There are 8 glittering AA batteries in the Eneloop Glitter pack and the colors are purple, pink, orange, yellow, light green, light blue, silver and black. They are currently being sold at Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Best Denki, Selffix D.I.Y, Sprint-Cass, and other electronic stores for S$49.90.


Packaging Front

Packaging Back

8 Glittering AA Batteries

A [3]