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Buying Mobile Phones/Gadgets/Computers In Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore as a tourist or for a business trip and intending to buy mobile phones, gadgets, computers or computer related components, this blog post is for you. Hopefully you will stumble upon this blog post via Google before you actually visited Singapore.

First and foremost, DO NOT BUY anything from Lucky Plaza, the only thing you should go to Lucky Plaza for, is for food. You might have recently read that a Bangladeshi businessman paid S$10,103 for 2 iPhone 5 32GB with extended warranty [1] from Lucky Plaza.

Secondly, DO NOT BUY anything from the first and second floor of Sim Lim Square because of cases like this [2] and this [3].

Sim Lim Square
Sim Lim Square (Picture From Wikipedia [4])

Sim Lim Square

The most popular place to get gadgets or computer related components will be at Sim Lim Square [5], try to avoid buying anything from the first two floors. I would recommend Fuwell [6] at #04-02F/G or PC Themes at #04-19. Do note that most of the prices you see are for cash payment only, they do charge about 2% – 7% extra if you are paying with credit card. The opening hours are pretty short, most of the shops don’t have official opening hours, but in general, they are open from 12pm to 7pm daily.

My favourite store would be Fuwell [7] at #04-02F/G.


PC Themes

Funan - Digital Life Mall
Funan – Digital Life Mall (Picture From Wikipedia [8])

Funan – Digital Life Mall

After Sim Lim Square, the next best place would be Funan [9], prices there are slightly more expensive than Sim Lim Square. Most shops accept credit cards and technically you are paying slightly more for a peace of mind as the number of trustworthy/reputable shops in Funan is more than than the notorious Sim Lim Square [10].

My favourite store would be Challenger [11] at #06-00.


Far East Plaza
Far East Plaza (Picture From Wikipedia [12])

Far East Plaza

If you are thinking of getting mobile phones, Far East Plaza is the place to be. There are 3 shops there that are recommended, Mobile Square [13] at #02-98, WhyMobile [14] at #03-126 and Moby Shop [15] #03-76A. I used to go to Mobile Square because there are not much competition at that time despite the service was not that great.

These 3 shops do sell Apple products (iPhones & iPads), but of course they are priced a little bit more expensive than Apple Online Store (Singapore) [16] because they have ready stock (you are paying a slight premium for it).

My favourite store would be Moby Shop [15] at #02-52.

Mobile Square


Moby Shop

Any more electronic shops to recommend? Feel free to leave it in the comments =)