Chipolo – Bluetooth Item Finder For iPhone And Android

Chipolo is a Bluetooth item finder for iPhone and Android which started on Kickstarter. I backed the project on 8th November 2013 and it got successfully funded on the 16th November 2013 after raising US$293,014 out of the initial goal of only US$15,000.

My pledge level is US$99 (S$127) and shipping is free. I received the item on the 29th January 2014 via DHL Express!

4 ITEMS NEVER LOST – 4 named Chipolos: Pre-order and receive four Chipolos in colors of your choice and four different name tags.


  • Android (Google Play Link) and iOS (App Store Link) compatible. Windows Phone 8 app coming soon.
  • Range up to 60 meters within line of sight.
  • Chipolo is secure. Once connected to your Chipolo, you will be the only one able to use it. Nobody else can access the data.
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • User replaceable standard battery (CR2025) that can last up to 6 months.
  • 35mm in diameter and 4.6mm in thickness
  • Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black and White colors available
  • Built-in temperature sensor allows you to determine whether you left your belongings indoor or outdoors

Been using the Chipolo for about a week and I have been getting a lot of connection issues between my phone and the Chipolo. Despite my phone and the Chipolo are in my pants but in different pockets, it would get disconnected and then connected again. This became so frequent that I have to disable Chipolo’s in and out of range local push notifications to my phone because it is kinda irritating.

Sometimes, once it is out of range and got disconnected, it will never connect back to the phone. Restarting your phone helps to get it reconnected but sometime it doesn’t. I am going to change the battery (CR2025) and see how it goes.

*UPDATE* I tried changing to a new battery and it still refuses to pair. I even tried to remove the Chipolo from the app but now I could not pair it back anymore (I even tried my wife’s iPhone 5s and my HTC One).

I hope Chipolo will iron out these bugs as soon as possible because it kinda defeats the purpose of a Bluetooth item finder if it gets disconnected so frequently and have problems reconnecting back.

Chipolo -  Box Front
Chipolo – Box Front

Chipolo -  Box Back
Chipolo – Box Back

Chipolo -  Box
Chipolo – Box

Chipolo -  Box Contents
Chipolo – Box Contents

Chipolo -  Instructions
Chipolo – Instructions

Chipolo -  Instructions
Chipolo – Instructions

Chipolo -  Instructions
Chipolo – Instructions

Chipolo - Front
Chipolo – Front

Chipolo - Back
Chipolo – Back


Chipolo - With Keyring Attached
Chipolo – With Keyring Attached

Chipolo - Attached To Keychain
Chipolo – Attached To Keychain

iOS App
The Chipolo iOS App is minimalistic designed. It is too minimalistic till the point it took me a while to figure out how to read the screen. I wish they have some sort of screenshots walkthrough in the app itself.

Chipolo iOS App - App StoreChipolo iOS App - Add Chipolo Step 1
Chipolo iOS App

Chipolo iOS App - Add Chipolo Step 2Chipolo iOS App - Chipolo Detected
Chipolo iOS App

Chipolo iOS App - Choose LabelChipolo iOS App - Settings
Chipolo iOS App

Chipolo iOS App - Find ChipoloChipolo iOS App - Range Meter
Chipolo iOS App

Chipolo iOS App - Range MeterChipolo iOS App - Location
Chipolo iOS App

Chipolo iOS App - In & Out Of Range NotificationsChipolo iOS App - Shake & Find Notification
Chipolo iOS App

Chipolo - 4 Colors
Chipolo – 4 Colors

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