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Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Unlike the Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring, there are two variants of the Apple AirTag Loop.

One is the Apple AirTag Polyurethane Loop (or, in short, AirTag Loop), and it comes in for colors, Electric Orange, Sunflower, Deep Navy, and white. It retails for S$45, or if you are on Apple Corporate Employee Purchase Program (EPP), it is S$40.66.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop - Box Front
Apple AirTag Leather Loop – Box Front

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OEM Apple AirTag Key Ring

If you find the Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring too expensive and you don’t need the luxury or premium touch to your keys, you can consider getting those OEM AirTag Key Ring.

I bought two from Shoppee and they only cost S$3.32 each with shipping to Singapore an additional S$1.

OEM Apple AirTag Key Ring - Packaging
OEM Apple AirTag Key Ring – Packaging

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Tile Mate

On Friday, 28th September 2018, I saw Kinja Deals posted a post regarding Tile Mate discount on Amazon. It is almost 50% cheaper than their usual Amazon price of about US$100.

The Tile Mate 8-Pack retails for US$43.58 (S$60) and delivery to Singapore is an addition US$5.01 (S$7). That works out to be about S$8.40 per Tile Mate. In Singapore, Courts is selling a single Tile Mate for S$29 with no option to buy it in a pack.

Tile Mate - Box Front
Tile Mate – Box Front

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Chipolo – Bluetooth Item Finder For iPhone And Android

Chipolo is a Bluetooth item finder for iPhone and Android which started on Kickstarter. I backed the project on 8th November 2013 and it got successfully funded on the 16th November 2013 after raising US$293,014 out of the initial goal of only US$15,000.

My pledge level is US$99 (S$127) and shipping is free. I received the item on the 29th January 2014 via DHL Express!

Chipolo -  Box Front
Chipolo – Box Front

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Protag (S$59) (official site) is a loss prevention device that is engineered in Singapore. It allows you to keep watch of your belongings at all times.

You have to pair your Protag with an Android phone (no iOS support yet) and place your Protag in your belongings (like in your bag or wallet).

Protag - Packaging Front
Protag – Packaging Front

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