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Targus T-1211 13-17″ Backpack

Targus unveiled their new T-1211 collection of laptop and tablet cases last month. The T-1211 is a collection of cases that are for travel, work, study and everyday commute. It is designed with a focus on creative details, original shapes, soft and comfortable materials. T-1211 cases are equipped with water-resistant exterior and non-scratch interior lining.

T-1211 Collection

I have received the Targus T-1211 13-17″ Backpack [1] from the T-1211 collection for review and it is retailing for S$99 and is available in both black and grey.


Targus T-1211 13-17 Backpack - Front [11]
Targus T-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Front

The bag measures 32.1 x 14 x 48.3 cm and weighs 1.04kg without any load. Personally, I think the backpack is too big for me because it can fit laptop right up to 17″ and I am using just a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina. I wish they have this backpack in different sizes for different sized laptops.

Targus T-1211 13-17 Backpack - Back [12]
Targus T-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Back

At the top there is a mobile phone pocket with pull-tab ejector to easily allow you to take out your phone when needed. I think this is a pretty redundant feature for me because I always have my phone in my pocket.

Targus T-1211 13-17 Backpack - Main Compartment [13]
Targus T-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Main Compartment

The bag has three front compartments, one side mesh pocket for your water bottle and a main compartment and in the main compartment, it has lots of internal slots including a removable/adjustable accessory pouch to neatly organise your gadgets/accessories.

Targus T-1211 13-17 Backpack - Front Pocket [14]
Targus T-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Front Pocket

-1211 13-17 Backpack - 2nd Front Pocket [15]
-1211 13-17″ Backpack – 2nd Front Pocket

-1211 13-17 Backpack - Side Handle [16]
-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Side Handle

-1211 13-17 Backpack - Side Pocket [17]
-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Side Pocket

-1211 13-17 Backpack - Slotting In MacBook Pro Retina 13 [18]
-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Slotting In MacBook Pro Retina 13″

-1211 13-17 Backpack - Holding MiFi & Power Adapter [19]
-1211 13-17″ Backpack – Holding MiFi & Power Adapter

-1211 13-17 Backpack [20]
-1211 13-17″ Backpack