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Pebble Steel Smartwatch Officially Available In Singapore

2 months after the introduction of Pebble Smartwatch in Singapore [1], Leader Radio Technologies (LRT), the sole distributer of Pebble in Singapore, has made the Pebble Steel Smartwatch [2] officially avialble in Singapore from 1st August 2014.

The Pebble Steel will retail for S$359 and to celebrate its launch in Singapore, the first 500 Pebble Steel units sold here will come with an exclusive custom made pouch and silicone sports strap.

Pebble Steel [3]
Pebble Steel

Just to give you another choice, Pebble Website [4] itself is selling the Pebble Steel for US$249 (S$324) using an exchange rate of S$1.3 = US$1 with free shipping to Singapore. That makes it S$35 cheaper than getting it locally. By paying S$35 more to get it locally, you get local warranty and 1 year membership to pebble.sg Club [5].

Pebble Steel - Screen [6]
Pebble Steel – Screen

Technical Specifications

Pebble Steel is heavier (99v vs 38g) and smaller (46x34x10.5 mm vs 52×36×11.5 mm) while maintaining the same screen size as the Pebble. In Addition, Pebble steel has a RGB LED notification on the watch itself. The internals are also the same except for the memory which has been doubled on the Pebble Steel. Pebble Steel has 8MB of memory vs 4MB on the Pebble.