In case you haven’t been following me, I left migme (previously known as mig33) after 4 years and 7 months there. I went in as a Web Engineer and along the way I got promoted to Senior Web Engineer. It has been an awesome ride with my fellow colleagues in migme.

Here is my farewell message to them:

Today is my last day in mig! As some of you might have known, this is my first job and it has been an awesome 4 1/2 years ride with ups and downs. It seems Steven has given a lot of people their first jobs in mig.

I came in as a web engineer who knows how to code but doesn’t know much about web servers, but over the years I gained a lot of hands-on experience with playing with servers. Thanks to all the seniors who have taught and guided me well.

At times, I might not be the easiest person to work with but as what Lee Kuan Yew once said, “I did what I thought was right, given the circumstances, given my knowledge at the time, given the pressures on me at the time. That’s finished, done. I move forward. You keep on harking back, it’s just wasting time.”

I would think of myself as graduated rather than leaving! Who knows I might be back again for “post-graduate” studies

Tech in Asia Logo
Tech in Asia Logo

Today, is my first day of work in Tech in Asia as The Tech Guy. The role is pretty simple, I am in-charge of everything that is engineering/tech related. So if there is anything wrong with the website, you can blame me for it =p

They are using WordPress to power most of their sites and hopefully my experience in WordPress coupled with some devops experience that I obtained in migme, will be able to bring them forward.

I realised they are using some of my WordPress plugins as well like WP-DBManager and WP-ServerInfo.

Tech in Asia has several sites under them and of course the first thing I did was to get them monitored for downtime using Pingdom. You can check it out here:

Over the next couple of weeks, my immediate priority would be to scale the site by separating the services into different servers. Right now everything is being hosted on a single VPS and MySQL has become our bottleneck.

We will also be moving away from Digital Ocean VPSes to a mix of physical servers and VPSes at SoftLayer.