Striiv Touch is an activity tracker and smartwatch merged into one. In Singapore, Striiv products are being distributed exclusively by Axtro Sports.

You can get the Striiv Touch for S$139 online from or from the following physical locations:

  • Axtro Sports (#02-01 Peninsula Shopping Centre)
  • Perfect Watch & Electronics (#01-36 Sim Lim Square)
  • Tangs Orchard (Level 3 Techno Bay Tangs Plaza)
  • DigiVue (#02-04, #02-18 Funan IT Mall)
  • Courts Megastore (50 Tampines North Drive 2)
  • TwoBros (#01-23 myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, #02-35/36 Novena Square, #02-19 112 Katong)
  • EpiCentre


  • Tracks: Steps, miles, calories, minutes of activity
  • Sleep Monitoring: Yes (quality and duration)
  • Notification: Incoming calls, text messages and meeting reminders
  • Resistant: Water (Shower, Bath, Sweat)
  • Screen Size: 2.3cm x 1.4cm (OLED Ion Hardened Glass Touchscreen)
  • Weight: 16g
  • Band Size: Fits up to 21 cm wrist
  • Battery: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, up to 5 day battery life
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • App: Android and iOS
Strriv - Box Front
Strriv – Box Front
Strriv - Box Back
Strriv – Box Back


Strriv - Box Contents
Strriv – Box Contents
Strriv - Front
Strriv – Front
Strriv - Back
Strriv – Back
Strriv - Buckle
Strriv – Buckle
Strriv - Spare Buckle
Strriv – Spare Buckle
Strriv - Micro USB Charging Cable
Strriv – Micro USB Charging Cable
Strriv - Charging Cradle
Strriv – Charging Cradle
  • 1x Striiv Touch
  • 1x Charging Cradle
  • 1x Short Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Spare Band Buckle
  • 1x Setup Guide
  • 1x Sizing Guide

The band comes in only one size because it has many belt holes.

Strriv - Strap
Strriv – Strap

If the trailing end of the strap is too long, they recommend you to cut it away as shown in the sizing guide below.

Strriv - Size Guide
Strriv – Size Guide

Setting Up
The pairing of the Striiv Touch with your phone is a pretty smooth process as shown in the screenshots below.

Striiv iOS App - Setup Instructions #1Striiv iOS App - Setup Instructions #2
Striiv iOS App – Setup Instructions
Striiv iOS App - Setup Instructions #3Striiv iOS App - Setup Instructions #4
Striiv iOS App – Setup Instructions
Strriv - Syncing
Strriv – Syncing
Striiv iOS App - Setup #1Striiv iOS App - Setup #2
Striiv iOS App – Setup #1
Striiv iOS App - Setup #3Striiv iOS App - Updating Firmware
Striiv iOS App – Setup #3/Updating Firmware

There is a new firmware which came out after I got my Striiv Touch and it prompted me to update automatically.

I like the way Striiv Touch charges. It comes with a cradle and all you have to do is open the cradle cover and place the Striiv Touch in it. You don’t have to remove the tracker like Fitbit Flex or cover like Jawbone UP/UP24. It is almost hassle-free.

Strriv - Instructions
Strriv – Instructions
Strriv - Charging Cradle Plugged In
Strriv – Charging Cradle Plugged In
Strriv - Charging Cradle Open
Strriv – Charging Cradle Open
Strriv - Charging Cradle With Strriv
Strriv – Charging Cradle With Strriv

On a full charge, the Striiv Touch can last for 6 days which is not bad. In contrast, Fitbit Flex for me last about 5 days.

The Striiv Touch comes with a touch screen and there are no buttons on it. The screen is made of OLED Ion Hardened Glass and is visible under direct sunlight. The display is pretty sharp but if you look closely enough you still can spot the pixels.

To turn it on, you have tap the screen five times. Swiping to the left will review your steps taken, distance walked, calories burned and active minutes. Swiping to the right will give you the app screen where you can toggle the sleep monitor, see your notifications and check the general information of the Striiv Touch.

When I received the Striiv Touch, the notifications are limited to just incoming calls, text messages and meeting reminders. However, after a firmware upgrade on Sunday, 12th October 2014, it now pushes all notifications to the Striiv Touch. However, I think the implementation is not done properly. Both new and old notifications will continue to get pushed to your Striiv Touch till you clear them on the iPhone. After you view the notification on your Striiv Touch and click back, it doesn’t “mark it as read” unlike the Pebble. It is pretty irritating.

Another very frustrating point I have with the Striiv Touch is that the screen turns off automatically too quickly. Once your finger is off the screen, it turns off within half a second.

The UI is pretty responsive despite the video above might show otherwise. Holding the camera in one hand and swiping the Striiv Touch on the other while looking through the screen of the digital camera is indeed challenging.

Strriv - Notification
Strriv – Notification
Strriv - Battery Left
Strriv – Battery Left
Strriv - Menu
Strriv – Menu
Strriv - Active Minutes
Strriv – Active Minutes
Strriv - Calories Burned
Strriv – Calories Burned
Strriv - Distance
Strriv – Distance
Strriv - Steps
Strriv – Steps
Strriv - Date/Time
Strriv – Date/Time

Striiv has an app available on both Android and iOS.

Striiv iOS App - App StoreStriiv iOS App - Home
Striiv iOS App – App Store/Home

The iOS app is pretty well designed and I like the color coding of the goals on the dashboard.

Striiv iOS App - HomeStriiv iOS App - Menu
Striiv iOS App – Home/Menu
Striiv iOS App - StepsStriiv iOS App - Distance
Striiv iOS App – Steps/Distance
Striiv iOS App - App GalleryStriiv iOS App - Device Info
Striiv iOS App – App Gallery/Device Info
Striiv iOS App - ChatStriiv iOS App - Game
Striiv iOS App – Chat/Game

You can also link Striiv to third-party apps like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and EveryMove.

Besides the usual settings like app (imperial vs metric), goals (steps, active minutes, distance, calories and sleep), profile (name, gender, height, weight and step length), there is an interesting game within the app called MyLand.

The Striiv includes a game called “Myland,” which bears a similarity to some games you’ll find on social networks. Within “Myland,” you use coins and energy to build structures and plants in an effort to bring life to an island. You earn energy through activities. As you build out your island, you’ll earn coins, which you can use to buy more items. You can also trade in energy for coins. To advance in the game you have to stay active in real life — that’s how you earn more energy.

Via: How Stuff Works: How Striiv Works

They also monetize MyLand. You can purchase gems for MyLand through the in-app purchases and the gem prices range from US$5.99 to US$99.99.

I don’t really play games on my phone, so the game doesn’t appeal to me. But I kinda like the idea of fitness’s gamification on top of just meeting the daily goals.

There is also a in-app chat system, though I am not sure how many people will actually use it to communicate. I don’t foresee myself using the chat much.

I think the fitness tracker market is getting saturated and each fitness tracker company tries to be different. For Striiv, they make the screen on the Striiv Touch a touch screen and they included an in-app game to gamify your fitness experience.

Some people like their fitness tracker to have a screen to provide immediate feedback about their steps count like the Nike FuelBand and since the Nike FuelBand is no longer available, I think the Striiv Touch is a good and reasonable (S$139) alternative.

I also love the way Striiv Touch charges, there is no need to remove anything from the band to charge unlike Fitbit Flex or Jawbone UP.

Striiv Touch supports notifications, but it is buggy, I hope the next firmware will fix it.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Striiv Touch’s screen is a touch screen
  • Interesting way of charging the Striiv Touch
  • Fitness’s gamification through in-app game called MyLand


  • The duration of Striiv Touch’s screen being illuminated is too short
  • Notification is buggy and needs more work
Striiv Touch - On Wrist
Striiv Touch – On Wrist