Announcing the two winners of the Fitbit Flex Colors Giveaway which I held back on 7th October 2014. Since some of my friends have taken part, the winners have been being picked by Text100 (PR of Fitbit) to ensure fairness.

Fitbit Flex - Colors
Fitbit Flex – Colors

He is Andrew Yeo with this winning comment:

For the Huatster, the only FitBit to match his lifestyle is the RED FITIBIT because it shouts of Prosperity and is a clear reflection of his Strong and Unique personality.
Never Follow, that what The Huatster would always believe in … and stand out firmly.

and Charlotte with this winning comment:

I’d be a Tangerine! And that’s because just like fitbit’s description (and a little more)…I am:
T – The first to get the party started 😉
A – Attractive (haha!)
N – Nice to everyone 😀
G – Good-natured
E – Easy-going
R – Ridiculously funny at times…to break the ice!
I – Intelligent, just like the fitbit
N – Noisy, but that’s because I like talking to people :p
E – Entertaining! *\(^_^)/*

Congratulations Andrew and Charlotte, both of you have won a Fitbit Flex Color each! I will pass your email (the one used in the comments) to Text100, and they will arrange the delivery of the Fitbit Flex Color to you.