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Fitbit Charge Review

Fitbit Charge started selling in Singapore on 19th December 2014 and it is currently retailing for S$169. The Fitbit Charge is available in four colors: Black, Slate, Blue and Burgundy.

The Fitbit Charge is not meant to be the successor of the Fitbit Flex. When it comes to physical appearance, Fitbit Flex is smaller and doesn’t have a display whereas Fitbit Charge is two times bigger and offer a OLED display. Both serve different target audiences and that is the reason why Fitbit Flex is still on sale.

Fitbit Charge - Wearing
Fitbit Charge – Wearing

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Winner of Fitbit Flex Colors Giveaway

Announcing the two winners of the Fitbit Flex Colors Giveaway which I held back on 7th October 2014. Since some of my friends have taken part, the winners have been being picked by Text100 (PR of Fitbit) to ensure fairness.

He is Andrew Yeo with this winning comment:

Fitbit Flex - Colors
Fitbit Flex – Colors

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Fitbit Flex Colors Giveaway

Thanks to Fitbit, I will be giving out two Fitbit Flexs worth S$129 to two lucky winners.

The two lucky winners will be able to choose their own color for their Fitbit Flex. You will be getting the actual Fitbit Flex tracker with your preferred Fitbit Flex color wristband accessory and not just the wristband accessory.

Fitbit Flex - Colors
Fitbit Flex – Colors

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Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP24 was released back on the 10th April 2014 in Singapore and it currently retails for S$249. It comes in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) and available in two colors (Onyx aka Black and Persimmon aka Red).

The Jawbone UP24 is an updated model of the original Jawbone UP which is still being sold for S$189.90.
The UP24 adds in wireless syncing via Bluetooth 4.0 LE which is missing from the original UP and it still manages to maintain the same weight; 19g (Small), 22g (Medium) and 23g (Large). Having used both the UP and UP24, I totally love the addition of this feature because it eliminates the hassle of removing the band just to sync.

Jawbone UP 24 - Packaging Front
Jawbone UP 24 – Packaging Front

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Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit Flex is currently retailing for S$129. It was launched in Singapore last year on the 29th May 2013.

Fitbit Flex is a wireless activity tracker that tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. It is also able to track your sleep quality (how long/well you sleep, how many times you wake up). It also has a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at your desired time.

Fitbit Flex - Packaging Front
Fitbit Flex – Packaging Front

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Jawbone UP Finally Launches In Singapore

*UPDATE* You can get the Jawbone UP from Apple Store (Singapore) as well but the waiting time is 8-10 weeks!

Jawbone UP finally came to Singapore! I am not too sure the exact date it goes on sale. It was announced back in late March 2013 and I saw it selling in Challenger (Funan) on 10th April 2013. I bought it on 14th April 2013 after contemplating it for 4 days.

Jawbone UP - Box Front
Jawbone UP – Box Front

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Nike+ FuelBand (Black Ice)

Thanks to Benjamin Eng and his cousin who helped me to buy the Nike+ FuelBand (Black Ice) from the US. I tried purchasing it myself and sending it to a freight forwarder, but both my credit card and PayPal payment could not go through! I guess they also ensure that the payment must be done with a US credit card or a US PayPal account.

I paid a total of US$180 (S$220) to Benjamin’s cousin. The actual breakdown is as follows: US$149 (Nike+ FuelBand) + US$15 (Express Shipping) + US$8.80 (Tax) = US$172.8.

Nike+ FuelBand - Horrible Setup
Nike+ FuelBand – Horrible Setup

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