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PHPConf.Asia 2015 – The First Pan-Asian PHP conference

The first Pan-Asian PHP conference, PHPConf.Asia [1] 2015, starts today. The two-day conference is held at Kent Ridge Guild House (9 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119241).

PHPConf.Asia 2015 [2]
PHPConf.Asia 2015

We are honoured to have, Rasmus Lerdorf [3], who is the creator of PHP [4] to give the opening keynote.

For the closing keynote, we are also honoured to have, Jenny Wong [5], who is a Community Engineer at Human Made [6] as a speaker. I am a fan of Human Made because Human Made is a Leading WordPress Development Agency in the UK.

Other notable speakers based on GitHub followers include:

PHPConf.Asia 2015 - Schedule [12]
PHPConf.Asia 2015 – Schedule

Managed to take a photo with Rasmus at yesterday’s Singapore PHP Communities Combined Meetup [13].

PHPConf.Asia 2015 - Rasmus Lerdorf and I [14]
PHPConf.Asia 2015 – Rasmus Lerdorf and I