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Sharp Mobile Phones – Sharp MS1 & Sharp Z2

Sharp Mobile [1] has launched their first mobile phones in Singapore.

They are the Sharp MS1 [2] and the Sharp Z2 [3].

Both models are mid-tier with the Sharp MS1 retailing for S$299 and the Sharp Z2 retailing for S$399.

The parent company behind Sharp Mobile is Commtiva Technology [4] which is owned by Foxconn [5].

Just in case you are unaware, Foxconn completed the acquisition of Sharp back in August 2016 [6].

The Sharp MS1 is being marketed as a selfie phone with a 13MP front-facing camera. It comes with a 64GB internal storage and an optional microSD storage expansion of up to 64GB.

It is available in both Hanayome White and Pure Pink.

Sharp MS1 - Hanayome White - Front [7]Sharp MS1 - Hanayome White - Back [8]
Sharp MS1 – Hanayome White

Sharp MS1 - Pink - Front [9]Sharp MS1 - Pink - Back [10]
Sharp MS1 – Pink

The Sharp Z2 is being marketed as a work/performance phone. It comes with 4GB of RAM and a MediaTek Deca-Core (10-cores) processor.

It is available in both Gold and Silver.

Sharp Z2 - Gold - Front [11]Sharp Z2 - Gold - Back [12]
Sharp Z2 – Gold

Sharp Z2 - Silver - Front [13]Sharp Z2 - Silver - Back [14]
Sharp Z2 – Silver

Another thing to note is that the Sharp MS1 charges via the normal Micro-USB port whereas the Sharp Z2 charges via the new USB Type-C port.

Both phones comes with dual-SIM slot with the Sharp MS1 supports a 4G and a 2G nano SIM whereas the Sharp Z2 supports a 4G and a 3G nano SIM.

Both phones will be available from 29th October 2016 at M1, M1 exclusive distributors, selected Challenger stores, and authorized resellers. You can also get it online from Shop365 [15].

Sharp MS1 Specifications

Sharp Z2 Specifications