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Glif – A Tripod Mount for Smartphones

Posted By Lester Chan On Monday, 12th June 2017 @ 09:17 In Mobile Phone | No Comments

Glif is a tripod mount for smartphones by Studio Neat [1].

The first-generation Glif was launched on Kickstarter [2] on 4th October 2010 where it raised US$137,417 from 5,273 backers out of their initial goal US$10,000.

I did not back the first-generation Glif as I don’t remember stumbling upon it.

The second-generation Glif was launched on Kickstarter [3] as well on 18th July 2016 where it raised US$208,098 from 4,567 backers out of their initial goal US$50,000.

It features a quick release mechanism and can support both portrait and landscape shooting.

The new Glif has a total of 3 tripod mounts, one on the bottom, one on the side, and one on the top. These allow you to add additional accessories, like a microphone or light.

It can hold devices of width between 58mm to 99mm. Just for comparison, an iPhone 7’s width is 67.1mm while an iPhone 7 Plus’s width is 77.9mm. Google Pixel’s width is 69.5mm while the Google Pixel XL’s width is 75.5mm.

My pledge level for the new Glif is “The Full Set” which costs me US$50 (S$73) and an additional US$10 (S$15) for shipping.

The Full Set
The Glif + Hand Grip + Wrist Strap! The full package. Includes a Glif, a cherry hardwood hand grip, and a paracord wrist strap.

The Glif was seriously delayed, the worst I have ever encountered for a Kickstart project (apart from those that didn’t deliver). It was supposed to start shipping in January 2017, but instead, it was shipped on 26th May 2017, and I received it on 8th June 2017.

The Glif is well made and I would say it is worth the wait. I am using it with my iPhone 7 Plus with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus Silicon Case. It fits better in landscape mode than portrait mode because the phone is big.

Glif - Box [4]
Glif – Box

Glif - Box Open [5]
Glif – Box Open

Glif - Box Open [6]
Glif – Box Open

Glif - Box Contents [7]
Glif – Box Contents

Glif - Instructions [8]
Glif – Instructions

Glif - Back [9]
Glif – Back

Glif - Front [10]
Glif – Front

Glif - Bottom [11]
Glif – Bottom

Glif - Top [12]
Glif – Top

Glif - Back - With iPhone 7 Plus (Landscape) [13]
Glif – Back – With iPhone 7 Plus (Landscape)

Glif - Front - With iPhone 7 Plus (Landscape) [14]
Glif – Front – With iPhone 7 Plus (Landscape)

Glif - Back - With iPhone 7 Plus (Portrait) [15]
Glif – Back – With iPhone 7 Plus (Portrait)

Glif - Front - With iPhone 7 Plus (Portrait) [16]
Glif – Front – With iPhone 7 Plus (Portrait)

Glif [17]

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