Mimic 2

Just watched it at Plaza Singapura in the afternoon, I was surprise that the show was not full house, while other movies such as Signs and The Touch where all sold out. Well the show was not that nice actually, storyline was crap. The show lasted about 90 minutes. Alot of nice movies are coming out soon like Reign Of Fire, K-19, The Tux, Harry Potter 2, LOTR : Twin Towers, XXX etc.

Woot, tomorrow no driving lessons for me, can sleep until very late, and stay up late to play Warcraft 3, 2v2 ladder is much easier to play then arrange team, won 2, lost 2.

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Site Downtime

Sorry about the downtime of this site from 1st August 2002 to 2nd August 2002, the host of PixerCor is currently doing some server migration if I am not wrong. Do not know much details about it. Thanks to abnormal for making this site online again =)

Normal postings will resume tonight. Will be watching mimic2 with my friends later on in the day.

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JL & KN Birthday

Today we celebrate Jie Lin and Kai Ni belated birthdays. We ordered the cake from SP Co-Op Shop since last week, collected it only today, it is a mango cheese cake. We cut the cake at food court 5 in sp, so many people is looking at us when we were singing the birthday song. LOL

Later on went to KTV at Chinatown to celebrate their belated birthdays, we sang from 3pm right up to 8pm, later on went to Maxwell market to have our dinner. It was so fun during the 5 hours in the ktv. Really enjoyed our day.

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Tuesday Morning

Nothing much to update for yesterday, thats why I didn’t update the site. I was busy doing my DEUI assignment 1. Currently at page 9 with 5 interface elements, 10 more interface elements and a conculsion to go with about 6 dayas left.

Played Warcraft 3 yesterday night, lost 3 straight ladder games, and our oppponent is not that good except there have more teamwork than us. That is how we lost.

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Shopping Spree

Been out almost the whole day. After my driving lessons, we went to Volkswagen showroom to see Golf GTI, but ended up test driving the new volkswagen Bora. My mom will be doing some calculations, if everything turns out right, most probably will be getting that car (if I pass my driving, I will be driving that car). Wow, fyi, the test drive car has a built in GPS tracker system, saw it and it was cool, but the price was cooler, $4000.

Went to Orchard Road again after that, bought my dream sling bag, it is a new range from Kipling. Later on went over to Wisma’s Isetan, they also having a Kipling sale, bought a Kipling pouch for $30. Had dinner at a Thai restraunt located at basement 2 of Ngee Ann City. The food there is reasonable and nice. Before proceeding home, went to Annex’s Fourskin store to buy yet another Fourskin t-shirt.

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Long Day

Went out almost the home day, just got home slightly before 12am. Meet my poly friends for lunch and later on we went to watch long time dead, quite scary, the show was quite ok. After the show, we seperated, 2 of my friends and I went shopping and to meet a friend, d-Z-a went home and another group went off for a birthday party.

There was some DJ performance at Takashimaya Square, quite interesting, so we sat there and watch to about 10pm and then later on proceed to Cineleisure for supper.

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Birthday Presents

When to the national library (main branch) to do some research on McDonalds for my P&Q2 module and then later on went down to Orchard to buy presents for 2 of my friends birthday which is coming real soon.

Walk from Takashimaya to Paragon to Hereen almost twice, don’t know what to buy, but in the end we decided to buy it. I will not reveal what we bought as they may visit this site =) Bought 2 FourSkin t-shirts along the way. $29 for a piece.

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Boring Thusday

Nothing much interesting happend in school today, just the same old Thusday, went in to the ICT PC technology computer lab for the first time, the lab is new and of course it has new computers, P4 1.7ghz plus LCD Monitor.

Added 2 more pages and images to my DEUI assignment 1 report, thus now in total 6 pages done, 9 more pages to go. This sucks, 2 days has past and my lecturer haven’t reply my email.

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McDonalds Rocks

Woot, McDonalds customer support rocks, e-mailed them yesterday for their coporate infomation, this afternoon they sent it to me. That is what I call good customer services. Thanks Ms Lai. =)

On the other hand, I e-mailed my DEUI lecturer yesterday, 1 day still no reply from her, grrr, waste my time, must as well ask her tomorrow since I got DEUI pratical lesson tomorrow. This sucks.

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Active Server Pages

First lesson of the day, IWED pratical, SP server went down on us, got released for lunch earlier because of that. We will lean ASP(Active Server Pages) and VBScript for IWED, this is what I like, backend web programming, but php still win asp, anyway this site is programmed in php in case you didn’t notice that.

DEUI assignment 1 deadline on 3rd August 2002, write about user interface, 15-20 pages, 2 more weeks left, still waiting for my lecturer to reply my email before I get started.

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