Acting Part I

Wake up so early today, my definition of early is 10am for your infomation. LOL. Went to school to act in my friends video production assignment. As usual, the first few shots was all NG, need some warming up, shooting starts at about 12pm. About 3pm we get used to it, and I can say that we are getting the hang of it. Hehe. Came back about 7pm and went to eat my favourite duck noodle as dinner. Yummy.

Tomorrow will counitnue the 2nd part of my acting, will be going to Tanah Merah, which is very far for me. LOL. After all the acting, will be staying overnight at my friend house to play mahjong. Hehe, then on Thusday will be watching Lilio & Stitch with them.

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Austin Powers : Gold Member

Watched Austin Powers : Gold Member today, although have some bad impression of the show before hand, but after watching the show, I find that the show is actually not bad, it is lame but funny at the same time. LOL

Ate Seoul Garden before that, well, I must say Seoul Garden has changed alot, we still can get student prices, but we need to pay for the soup which is $3 and towels too. This is lame, altogether 1 person need to pay about $17. Expensive.

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Tim Sum

Went to CenterPoint Robinson with my family, dad bought the pen, cost about $200 plus. Later on went to Lei Garden Seafood Restaurant at Orchard Plaza to eat tim sum, the tim sum there is the best tim sum I ever eaten. My whole family normally go there for tim sum and not any other places.

Slept in the afternoon, woke up in the evening, actually wanted to go Old Kallang Airport eat the fish head steamboat, but there is too many people and the table can only sit 6 people when there is 8 of us. So we decided to go Lavendar Street eat the famous Wan Ton Mee. $3 for a small plate and have to queue so long. But it is worth it.

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Triple X

Watched Triple X today at Suntec City, well the show lasted for about 2 hours, and the show is a must watch show for all action movies lovers. Non-stop actions taking place almost throughout the 2 hours.

Woo didn’t know that Hougang come to my house around 90 minutes. LOL

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I went to Bugis after school to do some shopping with Alvin and Jacky, ate Tepanyaki at the food court before proceeding to Suntec to continue our shopping. While walking to Raffles City, we passed by U2 Shop at City Link, went in to look and see, and we 3 saw 1 nice shirt and bought it, cost about $29. Later on, we walk around Raffles City until 9 pm then went home.

Immediately rushed my IWED when I came home. I have completed it by now and will be uploading it to my teacher after all my group members have agreed to do so. I Will continue my coding later on.

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Diamaru Closing Down

Woo, didn’t know that SP servers do actually contains computer games, played UT and Quake 3 illegally when there is no lab tech. LOL, there are still more games like FIFA and NBA LIVE, wonder will they install Warcraft III? Hehe.

Did my IWED assignment 1, now is about 1k words, still got 2 more points to go before completion, and the deadline is on Saturday. Will try to complete by tomorrow.

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Handed In Assignments

Hmm, just finished wacthing Tomorrow Never Dies and Dante’s Peak together on Channel I and 5 respectively. Both shows started at 10pm, had to switch between the channels very consistently. Well both shows I had watched it in the cinema long time ago, by watching it on television again can refresh my memory. LOL

Reached school at about 12.30pm today and handed in both assignments today on time. Forgot to write my question number on my P&Q2 assignment, grrr, must informed the teacher later on. Stayed until 5.30pm to do our IWED assignment report, done 600+ words, still got 400 more to go, will try to complete it before Friday, and the deadline is on Saturday.

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Assignments Deadline

Printed out my P&Q2 Assignment 2, will be going to school to bind tomorrow. I have also printed out my CANI assignment 1 Report. All ready for submission.

Well had my Entrepreneurship presentation in the afternoon, well eveything turns our smoothly for the presentation. Today IWED pratical is a waste of my time, went there pratically did nothing but to mark attendance. If I knew it is a free period, I would come to school later. Spend 2 hours surfing the internet reading on PHP sessions, will be playing around with them soon, if possible, I will try to implement it here, but on the other hand, I don’t think it is necessary.

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P&Q 2 Almost Done

My P&Q2 assignment 2 is almost done, left the minor part which is the cover page and the contents page. Altogether is about 2.3k words(not including a summary). Today didn’t do much stuff after school comes home to sleep until about 9 pm, eat my dinner, and finished up my last bit of P&Q. Wednesday at 5pm is the deadline for both CANI and P&Q2.

Got my hands on 3DS Max 5 a few days ago, I must say that the GUI is almost the same as Max 4. Well, Max 5 has improved and more advanced lighting effects, now radiosity is stimulated instead of having to create a lot of lights just to stimulate it, which is so troublesome. The track view is more user friendly now. I still got many more features that I am uncertain of.

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National Day Rally 2002

Today, all the local tv channels has been tune to the broadcasting of National Day Rally 2002 live, spoken by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. Well since I got got nothing to do, I watched the rally, and it was very interesting and it gives me general knowledge on more about Singapore.

Stayed at home the whole day and rush my P&Q2 assignment 2, almost completed with about 2k words. Left strategy, summary and conclusion. 3 more days to deadline.

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