Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster KBC-E1S

Bought the Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster KBC-E1S for S$34.90 (member price) from Challenger. Need the extra battery juice for my iPhone 3GS when I am in Taiwan and Hong Kong!

I was deciding between the KBC-E1S and the KBC-L3S. The KBC-E1S uses 2x AA batteries while the KBC-L3S uses the built-in lithium-ion battery. I was thinking that AA batteries are more readily available outside and hence I am able to buy any AA batteries and use it to charge my phone. Also the KBC-E1S includes 2 rechargeable eneloop batteries.

Packaging Front

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Belkin Auto Charger For iPod And iPhone

Last Wednesday, Apple Store (Singapore) had a special one-day shopping event and are offering discounts in their online store. The discounts for Apple products is quite pathetic, imagine only S$20 off for iPod Nano only. If you are intending to buy it long ago, S$20 is definitely better than nothing but it will not attract you to buy. However the discounts for 3rd party products/software are quite good. I bought the Belkin Auto Charger For iPod And iPhone for S$30 (including delivery). The usual price is S$37. It is about 19% discount. Bought it on Wednesday and it got delivered to me on Friday.

And yes, IT WORKS on iPhone 3G.

Outer Box

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