SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell

My current doorbell at home has lasted me for 28 years (since 1985) and hence I got a new SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell from Funan’s Challenger for S$28.60 (member’s price: S$25.74).

28 years later, it seems technology also changes doorbell. There are so many types right now: wireless, wired, AC powered, battery powered, mp3 (using SD card) and 20 built-in tones.

SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell - Packaging Front
SoundTeoh No. 77 Wireless Doorbell – Packaging Front

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OSIM uMist

I sleep in an air-condition room almost all the time and ever since my LASIK, I am more conscious about the dryness of my eye as I don’t want my degree to regress. When I sleep, my eyelids are not fully close (I have no idea why) and I get extreme dry eyes when I wake up the next morning.

My LASIK doctor had already prescribed me with Duratears for me to apply everynight before I sleep and to wear an eye goggle.

OSIM uMist - Box Front
OSIM uMist – Box Front

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Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp

The Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp (AR3200) is retailing for S$318 at Challenger (Funan) as well as some other stationary shops. I recommend getting it from Challenger (Funan) as they offer a 10% member’s discount and after the discount is cost S$286.20. Do note that it is only available at Challenger (Funan) and not at other Challenger branches.

In Singapore, it is being distributed by Bridgemen, of course you can get it online directly from them and they deliver to you for free.

Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp - Box Front
Koncept Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp – Box Front

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Samsung RT58EAMT Refrigerator

My mom just bought a new refrigerator for the house. It is a Samsung RT58EAMT Refrigerator and it cost about S$915. The gross capacity of the fridge is 580 litres which is much bigger than my previous Sanyo SR-37ZB refrigerator. There is no one refrigerator big enough for my mom to put all her baking stuffs and hence my house always have 2 refrigerators ever since my mom picked up baking.

This new refrigerator is kinda cool, it will display the temperature of both the freezer and the refrigerator on the door. Now if only it has WIFI capability and we can monitor it directly from our browser, not just the temperature but also the groceries within the refrigerator.

Old Sanyo SR-37ZB Refrigerator
Old Sanyo SR-37ZB Refrigerator

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My New Spectacles And Television

Finally after they some miscommunication, I finally collected my spectacles from Optics Today located at Queensway Shopping Center. I have been patronizing Optics Today since I was in Secondary School. As the shop is owned by my uncle’s secondary school classmate and he can gives us very good price, and I mean really very good after comparing with several optical shops. My Swissflex Spectacles cost $350 (including frame, lenses and taxes) whereas I checked out 1 optical shop in VivoCity and the exact same brand and frame as mine cost $360 alone. My current Oakley Wiretap is also from him, cost me $250 (including frame, lenses and taxes) but just that it is a import set and comes with no warranty.

My new TV was delivered to me on Tuesday together with my new washing machine. I put it on my TV rack and realize it was quite big and my dad suggested to me to mount the TV to the wall. After having that thought, I can’t figure it out where is the 4 screw holes that my TV suppose (my living room Samsung LCD TV has them) to have. After posting my question in Hardware Zone Forums, I got an answer and apparently I need to unscrew the 4 screws covering the 4 screw holes! The instruction manual didn’t even say anything about that! It just says that if I want to mount the TV to the wall, I need to contact my dealer. It was rather a stupid answer.

My New Spectacles By <a href=Swissflex Eyewear” />
My New Spectacles By Swissflex Eyewear

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