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Targus 15″ Newport Backpack

Targus 15″ Newport Backpack which retails for S$199 is part of the updated Targus Newport Collection which was announced last month, May 2021.

The updated Targus Newport Collection also features the Targus 15″ Newport Ultra Slim Backpack (S$149), Targus Newport Convertible Tote/Backpack (S$199), Targus 15″ Newport North-South Tote (S$149), Targus Newport Crossbody Pouch (S$69), and
Targus 13-14″ Newport Sleeve

Targus 15 Inch Newport Backpack - Front
Targus 15 Inch Newport Backpack – Front

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Crumpler Bag – Dederang Heist

I passed my MacBook Pro 15″ to my brother and will be using my work MacBook Pro 15″ as my “official” laptop and hence I will need to bring it around from my work place back to home and vice versa and needed a bag to hold it.

I am using Fabrix Case‘s MacBook Pro sleeve previously but that sleeves requires one of my hand to hold on to it and since the MacBook Pro is so heavy, I can’t use the hand to hold other stuff while securing my MacBook Pro tight. So I decided to go for a proper working bag which can fit my MacBook Pro as well as some accessories.

Bag Front View
Bag Front View

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WordPress 1.5.1

WordPress 1.5.1 has been released today and here are some of the changes.

» Login and feed fixes for IIS
» Faster gettext i18n
» Improved i18n string coverage
» Extended ping support
» Paging on the Manage->Posts page
» URI-safe accent stripping for all UTF-8 characters in the Latin Extended-A Unicode block
» Query string style argument list support for wp_get_links() and wp_get_linksbyname()
» Improved hierarchy listing in wp_list_pages()
» Support for a Status: theme header field that allows themes to be marked as private, publish, or draft
» Improved caching and database query reduction
» Active plugin and theme highlighting
» Plugins can now have multiple option pages
» Pingbacks now work on hosts with fopen off like Dreamhost
» Many bug fixes

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