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Cooler Master Power Fort 6,000mAh

Received the Cooler Master Power Fort 6,000mAh as a door gift when I went to Cooler Master Make It Yours Seminar two weeks ago.

The Power Fort is Cooler Master’s series of power banks. I didn’t even know they do power banks.

Cooler Master Power Fort 6,000mAh - Box Front
Cooler Master Power Fort 6,000mAh – Box Front

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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Launch

Attended Adobe Creative Suite 6 launch yesterday at The Luxe Art Museum. Adobe has joined in the “more focus” bandwagon by only having 4 suites instead of 5 (for CS5) and 6 (for CS4). Creative Suite 6 will consists of 4 suites ranging from 14 different products.

If I have to pick my favourite thing in CS6, it got to be the Mercury Engine. It speeds everything up so much faster. Whenever you press “Save”, it does a background save, allowing you to continuing working on your PSD file.

Theme For CS 6 Is: Create Now
Theme For CS 6 Is: Create Now

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Ah Kong, A 6 Minutes Film About Dementia

Ah Kong (阿公) which means grandfather is a 6 minutes short film by Royston Tan about Dementia. The film tells a poignant story of a grandson seeking to understand and reach out to his grandfather who is diagnosed with dementia. Ah Kong is part of HPB‟s campaign this year to raise awareness of dementia.

The short film start off with a few people praising Ah Kong in his younger days, cuts off to Ah Kong talking to the grandson and ends by the grandson understanding his ah gong condition and playing along with him.

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