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Flosku Aluminium Desktop Stand For Apple Pencil

The next Flosku product I have is the Flosku Aluminium Desktop Stand for Apple Pencil or also known as Flosku Jamal Stylus Stand.

Flosku Aluminium Desktop Stand for Apple Pencil is crafted from 100% solid aluminum with an inner silicone fitting to protect the tip of your Apple Pencil.

Flosku Jamal Stylus Stand - Box Front
Flosku Jamal Stylus Stand – Box Front

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Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium)

Bought the Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium) from Funan’s Challenger for S$39 (member’s price: S$35.10). I already own a Bluelounge Milo (Original) which I bought almost 2 years back.

Even though the aluminium is S$20 more expensive, I love every aspect of it. The build is solid and weighs slightly heavier than the original (40g vs 12g). Because of this, when the Milo is placed on the table, it more stable when supporting a slightly heavier mobile device.

Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium) - Box Front
Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium) – Box Front

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MacPadd Aluminium Mouse Pad

MacPadd does aluminum mouse pads. It is precision manufactured from a solid piece of Aluminum. It is available it in two sizes, MacPadd (9″x6″) costs US$25.00 and MacPadd Pro (9″x9″) costs US$35.00. Unfortunately, their online shop does not ship to Singapore. There are two other distributors, MacWay is based in France and Other World Computing based in the USA.

I did not check out MacWay instead I checked out Other World Computing and it does ship to Singapore and best of all it can be paid using PayPal. I got the MacPadd Pro at US$31.99 and shipping to Singapore cost US$13.73, so total is US$45.72. I placed order and paid on the 9th November 2009 and on the 10th November 2009 it was shipped and I received it yesterday on the 18th November 2009. Took only 8 days to reach Singapore shores.


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