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SingTel Nokia N8 Launch With David Archuleta

SingTel is the first and only teleco operator (for the time being) to bring in the Nokia N8 and it has been available from 5th November 2010 onwards. To celebrate the launch of N8 and together with Sony Music, they have brought in David Archuleta (Wikipedia). Just in case you are wondering who is David Archuleta (like me at first), he is the runner-up of the seventh season of American Idol and he is the guy who sang Crush. I know the song crush from radio but I have no idea who sang he sang it till today.

For more information, check out SingTel N8 Page and my Nokia N8 Review.

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Nokia N8

I have been seeded the Nokia N8 through the Nokia Rangers program. I must say that N8 has a fantastic built and hardware specs and the camera is just amazing. But the Symbian^3 kills the hardware totally. The feeling it gives me is that the OS is not able to make use of the hardware properly. A good comparison is running Windows 98 on a Intel Core i7 computer.

The built of the phone is good, the glass is made up of Gorilla Glass and the body is made up of anodised aluminum. Not forgetting it has a capacitive touch screen with AMOLED display. The battery is non-removable though.

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