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Cool Bananas Netbook Organiser Bag Review

I received my Cool Bananas Netbook Organizer Bag from Gear Zap 2 days ago. It is brown in color and made of durable Nylon and Faux leather. The dimensions are 24cm x 30cm x 7cm.

The bag is compatible with most netbook of screen sizes from 8.9″ to 12″. Here are some netbook models that are compatible.

Packaging View

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Sony VAIO W (VPCW115XG) Review

I think all netbooks have roughly the same specifications featuring the standard Atom N280 processor, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 and perhaps even the harddrive capacity or the 10″ wide screen. When I choose a netbook, I go for the battery life and the looks of it.

The Sony VAIO W VPCW115XG comes in 3 colors, pink, brown and white. Its recommended retail price is S$899.00.

Sony VAIO W (VPCW115XG) – Lid Close

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LArobe 2Color Netbook Sleeve Review

The be.ez LArobe Netbook Cases is available in 5 colors, namely, Black & White, Blue, Green, Pink and Red for the 10.2″ models. It’s dimension 26.6cm x 19.2cm x 3cm and it weights 172 grams which is about the same weight as the Cool Bananas Netbook Envelope Case which I reviewed few days before.

The sleeve is made in a soft, shape-memory material using Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) technology and the thickness of the form is 5mm and it also features and inner lip for maximum protection. This will absorb significant amount of knocks to your netbook. I believed (not tested) that it will also reduce the impact on your netbook if you drop it a low height.

I Got Mine In Blue

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