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Peak Design Field Pouch

Peak Design Field Pouch retails for US$39.95 (S$55). Minimum shipping cost to Singapore from Peak Design is US$9.95 (S$14). They ship to Singapore from their warehouse in Hong Kong.

The Peak Design Field Pouch is available in four colors, Black, Charcoal, Ash, and Tan. I bought the Charcoal because it is their flagship color. Black is too dull while Ash and Tan get dirty quickly.

Peak Design Field Pouch - Packaging
Peak Design Field Pouch – Packaging

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Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet

MobyShop is selling the Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet for S$48. The Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet is an excellent well-made stylish pouch that fits the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and even the HTC One.

They also have one that fits the iPhone 5 and it also cost S$48.

Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet - Box Front
Mujjo Galaxy S3 Wallet – Box Front

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Fabrix Utility Pouch

Ordered the Black Denim Utility Pouch from Fabrix Cases together with my Fabrix Sleeve For iPhone 5. Paid US$29.90 (S$36.67) for the utility pouch and an additional US$6 (S$7.35) for shipping via SingPost Registered Mail (within Singapore) for both items. Bought it on the 24th September 2012, shipped on the 26th September 2012 and I received the items on 28th September 2012.

Since my order is above US$50 (US$29.90 + US$21.90), I am entitled to the coupon FABRIX5OFF50, which gives me US$5 off and in total. Ended up, I paid US$51.80 + US$6 = US$57.80 (S$70.89) in total for both the Fabrix Sleeve For iPhone 5 & Fabrix Utility Pouch.

Fabrix Utility Pouch - Packaging Front
Fabrix Utility Pouch – Packaging Front

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Crumpler Pouch – Haven (M)

Gotten another Crumpler pouch for my US trip next Sunday, this time is the Crumpler Pouch – Haven (M). This is the limited edition print and is retailing for S$79. As it is limited edition, no 10% discount is applicable.

I bought this pouch to place my Canon 50D (with 18-200mm lens) in it so that the camera can be place in my backpack and still being protected.

Front View

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Crumpler Pouch – Artisanal Loaf

Bought the Crumpler’s Artisanal Loaf for S$40 from VivoCity’s Cumpler store. There is a discount of 10% if paid by CitiBank Credit Card, so ended up paying S$36.

I got this the day before I left for Hong Kong on 22nd April 2011 and used it to put all my chargers and it’s cables. Fits well and with lots of spare space!

Front View

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Crumpler Pouch – The Tuft

Crumpler release a new pouch called “The Tuft” 2 days ago and this time, the pouch came with a Crumpler’s carbine hook. According to Crumpler at Raffles City Facebook Page, it is available in 3 sizes and in 3 colors (Red, Black & Beige).

However, when I went there on the day they announce it, there are only 2 sizes left, the medium and large. The medium size (S$35) is left with beige, and the large size (S$40) is left with black and red. If you are using DBS Live Fresh Credit Card or EpiCenter Member Card, there is an additional 10% discount.

Packaging Front View

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My cousin and auntie just came back from Japan and brought back lots of Head Porter stuff that my brother requested them to buy. Got myself a Black Beauty Monogram Pouch.

My brother has set up headporter.sg which he will use it to sell Head Porter stuff online. All the items sold there are guaranteed to be authentic and brand new. All the items will come with a Head Porter paper bag or Head Porter envelope depending on the size of the item that you buy.

Black Beauty Monogram Pouch

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