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Fabrix Marble Snap Case For iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Fabrix has launched their Marble Snap Case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

There is no price difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case. Each of them is retailing for US$22 (S$31) excluding delivery. Local delivery within Singapore is additional US$5 (S$7).

Fabrix Marble Snap Case for iPhone 7 Plus - Packaging
Fabrix Marble Snap Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Packaging

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Fabrix Laptop Carrier Bag

Fabrix has just launched their new Laptop Carrier Bag which is retailing for US$70 (S$88). There are five designs available:

For each of the five designs available, you can choose from two sizes for your laptop, 13″ or 15″. I was contemplating between the Midnight Herringbone and Whiskey Herringbone, and I chose 13″ Midnight Herringbone in the end as I like dark blue!

Fabrix Laptop Carrier Bag - Front
Fabrix Laptop Carrier Bag – Front

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Fabrix Utility Pouch

Ordered the Black Denim Utility Pouch from Fabrix Cases together with my Fabrix Sleeve For iPhone 5. Paid US$29.90 (S$36.67) for the utility pouch and an additional US$6 (S$7.35) for shipping via SingPost Registered Mail (within Singapore) for both items. Bought it on the 24th September 2012, shipped on the 26th September 2012 and I received the items on 28th September 2012.

Since my order is above US$50 (US$29.90 + US$21.90), I am entitled to the coupon FABRIX5OFF50, which gives me US$5 off and in total. Ended up, I paid US$51.80 + US$6 = US$57.80 (S$70.89) in total for both the Fabrix Sleeve For iPhone 5 & Fabrix Utility Pouch.

Fabrix Utility Pouch - Packaging Front
Fabrix Utility Pouch – Packaging Front

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Fabrix Sleeve For iPhone 5

Ordered the Neutral Pack Grey Sleeve for my iPhone 5 from Fabrix Cases. Paid US$21.90 (S$26.85) for it.

It fits the iPhone 5 precisely to the point that it is a little too tight and hence removing the phone from the pouch is difficult. I hope after some season usage, it will be improve.

Fabrix Case For iPhone 5 - Box Front
Fabrix Case For iPhone 5 – Box Front

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Fabrix Case For Google Nexus

Ordered the Black Suite Fabrix Case for my Google Nexus from Fabrix Cases. It is a custom size since they do not have it readily available and hence I paid US$26.90 for it and an additional US$3 registered mail shipping within Singapore.

I was very impressed by how well it fits my naked iPhone 4S when I ordered the Fabrix Fifth October iPhone Case and hence I decided to get one as well for my Google Nexus.

Packaging Front
Packaging Front

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Fabrix Fifth October iPhone Case

Fabrix launches Fifth October iPhone case as a tribute to Steve Jobs who passed away on the 5th October 2011. The case cost US$10 (S$12.70). Shipping within Singapore via Registered Mail cost an additional US$3 (S$3.80). I ordered on the 18th October 2011 and I received it on 24th October 2011. But now due to overwhelming orders, the waiting time is at least 3 to 4 days before your order is processed.

Description Of The Fabrix Fifth October iPhone Case


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Fabrix Booklet For iPad

Received a complimentary Fabrix Booklet For iPad (US$59.90) from Fabrix Cases. I was quite surprised they send it to me. Maybe because I bought a few cases from them. The first was for my MacBook Pro, the second was for my netbook and iPhone 3Gs and the third was a sleeve for my iPad which I forgot to blog about it.

I think I will be using this case from now on. There is like 3x iPad 16GB 3G + Wi-Fi in my family and all 3 are using the default Apple iPad Case, so it is hard to differentiate which iPad belongs to who if they are placed together.

Packaging Front
Packaging Front

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Fabrix Netbook & iPhone 3G Cases

I ordered the Fabrix Black Suite Delux Laptop Case for my Asus EEE 1000HE last friday and it was devliered to me this week on Tuesday. Even though the size states it is for Asus EeePC 1000/MSI Wind, it will fit the EEE 1000HE as well.

They are having a promotion, if you get any laptop cases, you will get S$10 off any sleeves, so I got the Fabrix Black Suite Sleeve for my Apple iPhone 3GS.

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Fabrix Cases

I ordered my Fabrix Cases for my MacBook Pro last Sunday and it got delivered to me on Wednesday via post. It is not by courier but a normal mail post (S$1.50 stamp). I am also wondering how the postman manage to squeeze the laptop sleeve into my letter box.

I ordered the Delux Laptop Cases and I chose Black Suite as the design. It cost S$59.90 and you can pay by Paypal. Delivery is free if it is within Singapore.

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4th Anniversary

Today marks our 4th anniversary together which is about 1,460 days.

Went to Li Xiang school to pick her up and we proceed on to Bras Basah to help my mom buy the expiry date sticker from Modern Bookstore located at level 1. Li Xiang bought a book from Basheer Graphic Books located at Level 4 as a birthday present for her friend, Nicole.

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