BBQ September 2003

Went to Carrefour in the morning to buy all the BBQ stuffs. The organizing of this BBQ was kinda last minute and crashes with my classmates’ ACAN assignment deadline, so I so called took over the organ and the transition was smooth. Must thank my mom for fetching us and the stuffs all there from Carrefour.

We reached East Coast Park at around 2.30pm with only 3 people(Elaine, Xiu Yu & Me). If not for my mom, I don’t know how I am going to carry all these stuffs there. Our pit is at Area D, pit 41.

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FTT Passed

Went to school today to study JSPG till almost 5pm. MY GAME assignment is out. Suppose to write a game specifications and code the game in JAVA with OpenGL. A 3D PacMan game. Got the idea, but don’t know is it hard to program. Hmmm.

Feeling stress now. JPSG assignment, GAME assignment, ELIT assignment and FYP. Then for the past 8 weeks, I had slacked too much and thus wasted too much time. Now is time to use my time wisely.

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Life Is Unpredictable

Just as went I thought I was going to get over this issue which has been there for the past 2 months. That issue makes an unexpected turn, unexpected bad turn I would say. I have never expected it to be that person. Well guess that life is very unpredictable.

25th August 2003 is their day, 26th August 2002 is the day last year that we got together. I don’t know why, but I can remember all these dates so well. I am a very forgetful person, those things that I want to remember I will tend to forget, those I want to forget I always will remember. How ironic.

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The Tale Of 2 sisters

Went to watch Tale Of 2 Sisters With Fiona and co at PS in the evening. The show was quite scary. Of course being the timid one, I covered my face at times. The storyline is so-so only, the movie was quite long though. Still prefer The Unborn.

Sat down at Star Bucks for a cup of coffee and chit chatting. Drank the double shot ice espresso, and that causes me to sleep at 3.30am today.

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Had my FYP interim presentation at 9am. We are being judged by 5 judges. Everything went quite smoothly but we did overlook quite a number of things. But on the whole is not bad.

Had our FYP lunch at Swensen at Holland Village, tried the new Cheese Cheek(I think it is spelled this way). Not that bad. Went home to changed before going to meet Jacky to collect my Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne from PK Computers at Hereen.

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