Over 10 offers To Pay Student Hacker’s Fine

SERIOUSLY, WTF IS WRONG WITH SINGAPORE, helping to pay fine for someone that has committed a crime and he is not even a Singaporean nor a PR. I seriously don’t give a flying fuck if he is from RJC or scored 2394863280948034 As for his exams, he committed a crime and he should be responsible for his action.

CHINESE undergraduate Zhao Ke, fined $15,000 for hacking into his former school’s computer network, has received “over ten” offers to help pay his fine.

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Unreal Tournament 3 Gone Gold

Epic and Midway Announce Unreal Tournament 3 PC Has Gone Gold

Midway and Epic today announced that Unreal Tournament 3 has gone to gold master for the PC. Developed by the team behind the critically acclaimed video game Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 is currently scheduled to ship in North America on November 19th for the PC with a suggested retail price of $49.95 and $59.95 for the collector’s edition. The PlayStation 3 version will follow soon. Unreal Tournament fans can get a taste of the compelling first person shooter by checking out the previously released single-player trailer below, or download the beta demo.

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3rd Anniversary

Today, 24th October 2007 (1024) marks the 3rd year we have been together. We celebrated earlier this time instead of the actual date due to my school commitment (having night class later).

We had a buffer dinner at Carnivore @ CHIJMES last Friday. Wanted to have it at VivoCity instead, but it is fully booked as I booked it in the morning on the same day. And the guy recommend me to book before Tuesday if I want to have dinner on a weekends at Carnivore @ VivoCity. Their business is damn good and the prices are not that cheap either. This shows that Singaporeans are not that poor.

Happy 3rd Anniversary
Happy 3rd Anniversary

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Nokia N81 8GB Shipped

Bored? Never again – Nokia N81 8GB now shipping
October 22, 2007Get and play music and games on the move

Espoo, Finland – Mobile entertainment just got more fun with the Nokia N81 and Nokia N81 8GB multimedia computers now available globally. Designed for the best in music and gaming, these devices come with dedicated music and game keys and are loaded with memory so you can store more and play more.

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Microsoft has created a stripped-down version of the Windows core, called MinWin, that will be at the heart of future Windows products, starting with Windows 7, the Windows client release due in 2010.

While the Windows team has been working for years on reducing the dependencies in Windows which have made the operating system increasingly bloated and difficult to maintain and upgrade, it is only been recently that the team has been able to create a separate, usable new core.

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Street Fighter 4

What could be better than Capcom bringing back Bionic Commando? How about Street Fighter 4? Games Radar is reporting from the Capcom Gamer’s Day in London that the 4th game in the series has been officially confirmed. A stylized trailer of Ken and Ryu fighting was shown, but no actual gameplay footage, and while development has started the game is still more than a year away for whatever platform it ends up coming out on, Still, we can all rest easy that it is indeed on the way. Along with this amazing news, Capcom also announced Lost Planet for the PS3, a new Ace Attorney game for the DS featuring and new main character, and an all-new sci-fi action adventure game called Dark Void. It takes a special kind of company to wait 20 years from the release of the original game to finally get to number 4 in the series. I can’t wait for the year 2012, when we’ll be playing Super Street FIghter 4 Hyper Mega Hologram Remix. Yum.

Source: Finally: Street Fighter 4 Confirmed

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Nokia S60 Touch Interface

Today at the Symbian Smartphone Show Nokia showed S60 running with a touch interface. The touch interface will support both finger and stylus input, has full multi lingual support, has support for tactile feedback (haptics) and is backwardly compatible with the existing S60 platform. Read the full story for and to view the video showing S60 Touch running on some concept devices.

S60 announcement about future technologies at the Symbian Smartphone Show revolved around three areas:

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