Nokia Music Store Opens In Singapore

Nokia Music Store opens in Singapore with millions of songs
Music lovers gain easy access to music they love including locally relevant content

Singapore – Nokia announced today that the Nokia Music Store in Singapore is now “live”at www.music.nokia.com.sg. With millions of tracks from major international artists, independent labels and Asian content, the Nokia Music Store brings true freedom to music lovers letting people buy and enjoy music directly from their Nokia device or personal computer 24/7.

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Xbox 360 Price Cut

SINGAPORE April 29, 2008 – Microsoft today announced it is lowering the estimated retail price (ERP) for its Xbox 360 consoles in Singapore. At the new ERP of S$499 for the Pro version with 20GB hard drive (previously priced at S$620), the Xbox 360 will give consumers more accessibility and opportunity to join the high octane world of interactive digital entertainment from Microsoft.

The prices of the Xbox 360 Arcade and Xbox 360 Elite will be lowered too. The Xbox 360 Arcade is now S$399 (previously S$459) and the Xbox 360 Elite with 120 GB hard drive is now S$699 (previously S$799).

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Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 is due to be out tomorrow (29th April 2008), but apparently the file it is already on the Windows Update server. If you are suspicious of the authenticity of Windows XP Service Pack 3 file posted by 3rd party sites, this is the link for you as it is directly from Microsoft.

Here is the direct link (Right Click -> Save Link As). The file size is 316.43MB (331,805,736 bytes).

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Xbox 360 Pro Console

Got the Xbox 360 Pro Console at a special price of S$450 at Funan’s Challenger, the usual price is S$669 Thanks so much for Ian for the help he given in this. I think a couple of us who went to the Xbox 360 2nd Anniversary Private Party held early this month also bought it at that price. I think I am the first one to collect it though.

You can check out the different Xbox 360 Consoles here.

Xbox 360 Pro Console (Halo 3 Edition)

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LiXiang Home Cooked Supper

Been staying in school till 1am since last week, rushing my CS3216 project. I am gotten so sick of Facebook programming especially having to wait for 10 seconds for the page to load each time I changed something. I think Facebook should have some sort of “offline” Facebook, where we can deploy it on our localhost and test it first before uploading it to a live server.

On Friday, I stayed till about 1am in school, after school went to Li Xiang’s house for supper as she specially prepared the supper for me. After supper, she surprise me with a penguin sewing. I always call her penguin because last time she walked like one. She dare not touch raw meat at all, but after realizing that Bacon is a raw meat, it was kinda too late for anything to be done. LOL

Campbell’s ABC Soup

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Dell 2408WFP

Dell really has great customer service. If you all want to get anything from Dell, do let me know, I will introduce the sales representative from Dell that I bought my monitor from.

My monitor came earlier than I expected in 2 ways:
1. According to Dell Support Order Status page, it was supposed to be delivered to me on the 21st April 2008. However, yesterday, I received an SMS as well as an email asking me to confirm the delivery of my monitor on the next day (which is today) and I was so delighted to hear that.
2. My delivery time slot was supposed to be from 2 pm to 6 pm today, however, I got woken up by the doorbell sound at 12.03 pm and there is it, the delivery man with my monitor.

Dell 2408WFP Box

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