This is the first time I was invited to a Samsung event, was invited by Daniel, the PR Manager for Samsung. Previously I did two reviews on Samsung products, one is the YP-K3 and the other is a VP-MX10. This event is called Samsung Touch Event. It is to let us have a touch and feel of those Samsung phones that are announced during MWC. The product marketing (mobile) manager, Winston said there about about 20+ phones Samsung phones that is being announced at MWC, but here in Singapore, they picked 7 to showcase to us.

The 7 phones are C3050, UltraB, UltraS, BeatDisc, BeatDJ, OmniaHD and the last phone which is the flagship product is the UltraTouch. They also announced 2 services, Share Pix and Online Widgets. The Share Pix is similar to Nokia’s Share On Ovi but in this case, the pictures are first uploaded to Samsung servers and then in turn the server will upload the pictures to the designated service that the user choose like Facebook or Friendster. The online widget is just an improved version of the famous Samsung Widgets that can be found in some Samsung phones. The online widget will allow you to retrieve RSS feeds as welll as create shortcut to websites.

More Information About The Phones

Winston also briefly mention about Samsung Blue Earth. The phone is made up of materials from recycled plastic extracted from water bottles. There is also a Solar Panel on the back of the phone which charges the phone. Accordingly to Daniel, you need to put the phone for 14 hours under the light or sun in order to use it to talk for 4 hours. I wonder will the phone battery melts first before that happens.

Samsung will be launching phones on the Android as well as on Windows Mobile 6.5 sometime soon as well. The Samsung OmniaHD and Samsung UltraTouch will be out in Q2 2009.

Samsung Touch Event Gallery
I wanted to upload the pictures to Nokia’s Share on Ovi, but it feels weird. I wanted to upload to my own gallery but I am too lazy to resize the pictures. End up, I decided to upload to Facebook! I hate the stupid Facebook limit of 60 photos per album!