My first challenge of the Teach a Technophobe has arrived on Friday. I choose my mom (Jas Ngan) for the challenge as she requires email access on the go pretty often as she is a businesswoman. I am using the very excellent free Symbian application called Best Screen Snap to capture a screenshot on the E75 and I tied the shortcut key to the camera shutter button.

Challenge #1
Challenge #1

I guided her throughout the setting up of the email and she managed to set up her email on the E75 within 15 minutes. It is slightly more complicated than setting up a Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo Mail account on it as we need the incoming and outgoing mail server address.

I told her to press the camera shutter button to capture the screenshot as she goes from step to step so that I can document it down.

Now waiting for the second challenge, which should arrive next week =D