Challenge #3 from my Nokia’s Teach a Technophobe has arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Finally my dad was at home and hence he is able to received it on my behalf and hence I am able to complete this challenge earlier.

This challenge is slightly more complicated and even I myself have to figure it out for sometime before I can teach my mother. It involves sending a location using email on Nokia Ovi Maps as well as attaching a picture of my mom.

As I have used N82 before, I know how the maps software works and that is the tedious part. I heard about Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0 quite sometime back and decided to upgrade the current version which is 2.0 to 3.0 and after that I need to install Singapore Map to Ovi Maps using Nokia Map Loader.

After getting everything ready, I was fiddling with Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0 to figure out how to send my current location. I found it it was pretty easy (press the middle button and choose send). Now the tough part is how to add photos to it. I solve the photo problem by taking a picture first then sending my current location in Maps and when the Create Email screen pops up, I went to Add Attachment and browse for the photo I have taken. Once everything is set, it is pretty easy to pass on the “instructions” to my mom.

  1. Take a picture of yourself
  2. Open up Maps
  3. Under Options, choose My Position
  4. Press the middle button, choose Send and then Via Email
  5. Create Email screen will appear
  6. Under Options, choose Add Attachment
  7. Choose Memory Card -> Images -> Camera -> 200907 -> 200907A0 -> Choose the last file
  8. And you are done!
Challenge #3
Challenge #3

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