I want an Apple 16GB iPad WiFi + 3G version, tried ordering from comGateway, but my order got rejected the next day because of overwhelming response. I briefly mention about it to my colleague, Alon, and he said I could just order it online from Apple Store and ship it to his house and he will bring it to Singapore the next time he comes.

So I did just that! Ordered on 22nd April 2010, status change to “Prepared to Ship” on 1st May 2010 and was shipped on the 7th May 2010.

Alon received it on the 10th May 2010 and he came back to Singapore on the 17th May 2010 and I got it the next day at work, 18th May 2010! Total waiting days is about 26 days.

  • IPAD WI-FI + 3G 16GB-USA – US$629.00
  • Recycle Fee – US$8.00
  • California Tax – US$58.18
  • Total: US$695.18 (S$963.38)
It Is A 3G Version!
It Is A 3G Version!

Alon, if you are reading this, THANK YOU so much for helping me to bring it back!!

Apple US Store: iPad