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Nexus 5

My company, migme (previously mig33), surprised us by giving each of us a Nexus 5 (16GB) to reward us for the hard-work we all put in for the rebranding from mig33 to migme over the past 3 months.

I always wanted a Nexus 5 because it is the best Android phone I have ever used! The stock Android is fast because there is no bloat and updates come in as soon as Google releases it. The camera is awesome and there is wireless charging built-in.

Nexus 5 - Box Front
Nexus 5 – Box Front

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Nexus 7 (2013)

Bought the 16GB Nexus 7 (2013) from Amazon for only US$199 during the Black Friday deals week! The 32GB was also on discount, going for US$239!

The item is eligible for FREE AmazonGlobal Saver which means it ships for free to Singapore! So you just have to pay US$199 which is about S$250. Do note that Asus Singapore is selling the exact same Nexus 7 (2013) in Singapore for S$379. The only difference is that it comes with 1 year warranty. For S$130 cheaper, I can forgo the warranty!

Nexus 7 (2013) - Box Front
Nexus 7 (2013) – Box Front

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Apple iPad Air (Silver 16GB) (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

Both of my iPads are starting to show it’s age because it lags in everything it does. So it is time for an upgrade! I wanted to get the iPad Mini Retina but in the end I chose the iPad Air because of the bigger screen (easier for Li Xiang to do her sketching).

Sold my iPad 1 (16GB) (Wi-Fi + 3G) and iPad 2 (Black 32GB) (Wi-Fi + 3G) on Carousell in just one weekend for S$150 and S$310 respectively!

Apple iPad Air - Box Front
Apple iPad Air – Box Front

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Apple iPod Nano 16GB (6th Generation)

Order my iPod Nano (6th Generation) on the 30th September 2010 and I received it today. Actually DHL attempted to deliver to my house yesterday but I was not around. This make me realize that they do deliver on weekend. I always thought they are on a 5 days week.

I chose the Graphite color because i think it will blend well with my black Crumpler bag (too bad they do not have black). Picked the 16GB instead of the 8GB because it is only S$50 (S$278 vs S$228) difference and my music collection is about there.

Box Front

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Nike + iPod Sport Kit With SwitchEasy Runaway

No idea why Li Xiang is so obsessed with sports right now, but she did influence me in some way. I have started jogging every Wednesday since 2 weeks ago and perhaps will extend to jogging twice per week and perhaps in the future 3 times a week. Even when jogging, the gadget freak in me also bought some gadgets for it.

Got my Nike + iPod Sport Kit (S$55) and SwitchEasy Runaway (S$16) from Ion’s EpiCenter. I am intending to use it with my newly bought 6th Generation 16GB iPod Nano (Graphite) (S$278) which will be delivered tomorrow from Apple Store (Singapore). I ordered online because it includes free laser engraving! This is my first time owning an iPod Nano.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit with SwitchEasy Runaway

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Got My Apple 16GB iPad WiFi + 3G!

I want an Apple 16GB iPad WiFi + 3G version, tried ordering from comGateway, but my order got rejected the next day because of overwhelming response. I briefly mention about it to my colleague, Alon, and he said I could just order it online from Apple Store and ship it to his house and he will bring it to Singapore the next time he comes.

So I did just that! Ordered on 22nd April 2010, status change to “Prepared to Ship” on 1st May 2010 and was shipped on the 7th May 2010.


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