Received the Mobile Phone Tripod Holder from Mobile Fun last month for review. The mobile phone tripod holder is useful when you want to take self-shot photos (there are timers in some phones) or even videos using your mobile phone.

Packaging Front View

Packaging Back View

When I first opened the package, I thought the quality of the tripod might be terrible and it is flimsy. Despite most of the parts being made in plastic, it is still pretty firm.

Mobile Phone Tripd Holder


What exceeds my expectation was the holder that mounts onto the tripod. You need to exert some strength to expand the holder so that that it will expand to fit your phone, after that it holds your phone extremely firm.

With my Nokia N82

Wanted to try with my iPhone 3GS but it doesn’t make sense because the camera in iPhone suck, so I decided to use my Nokia N82 instead.

You can get the Mobile Phone Tripod Holder for £14.97 (including taxes but excluding shipping).

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