Yesterday was #NokiaBox Message #3. The task is unboxing of a gigantic box which contains 2 phones, the Nokia C6. I get to know the details before hand after seeing Mark’s post, Behind the Scenes #NokiaBox Unboxing at Times Square.

I met up with Simon from WOM World at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it was my first time in the hotel itself. I was expecting the unboxing to be done at the river walk along the convention center. And I least expect the unboxing to be done at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark! I always wanted to go up but I can’t justify paying S$20 for it for non-hotel guest. Nevertheless I was surprise and happy that I can get to visit the SkyPark!

I took the lift to level 57 and once the door open, the film crew started filming me all the way till the unboxing is done, all in 1 continuous long shot.



Nokia C6

After removing the top cover, and within the box there is a stool which 2 boxes of Nokia C6 are resting on. Now the challenge is how to get into the box. Now, I didn’t realize that there is velcro along the side of the box, so the box can be dismantled rather easily.

After the whole unboxing, I got about 5 minutes to play with the phone and to give a first hand impression on it through a video interview. The phone felt solid and I like the material they use (plastic + rubber) so you will not have the feeling that the phone will slip out of the hands. The tactile feedback of the keyboard is great. The only thing I don’t like is that the first row of keys on the keyboard is too close to the edge which makes it difficult to type.

There is not much buzz about the Nokia C6 in Singapore. I didn’t know it was already available in Singapore till I ask Julian who is from Text100 and handles Nokia Singapore PR. He told me that the Nokia C6 is exclusive to M1 only. It retails for S$499 or S$98 for 2 years contract.


Infinity Pool

There was another Singapore blogger, Kien Ming, who was suppose to be there with me but couldn’t make it because of work. So I have to do the unboxing alone.

I can see that WOM World (based in London) really put in a lot of effort in organizing it and making sure it happens. Impressed with what they can do, the logistics, video crew and even placing an advertising with my name in Straits Time Classified Ads.

Can’t wait for message #4! This is even a greater scale than the Nokia E75: Teach A Technophobe which I took part last year!

Enjoy the photos that I have taken so far for #NokiaBox.