SingTel Bridge Data Roaming

Li Xiang and I will be going to Jakarta, Indonesia tomorrow for the weekend to visit my secondary school friend Sugih and to meet Pei Jun there.

My iPhone 4 is as good as a paper weight when I go overseas because I can’t use data on it due to expensive data roaming. I always wanted to try SingTel’s Bridge DataRoam Unlimited but didn’t have chance to read up more about it. So for tomorrow’s trip, I decided to research a little.

SingTel Bridge Data Roaming Price Plans

SingTel’s is offering 2 plans for its Bridge DataRoam Unlimited. I am only interested in that because no monthly fees is needed and you only need to activate it when you need it. It is valid for a full day (24 hours) from 0000 to 2359 regardless of what time you activate. So it doesn’t make much sense to activate it if you reach the country at night.

Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus

  • Price: S$20/day
  • Data Bundle: Unlimited
  • Service Coverage
    1. Australia – Optus
    2. Hong Kong – CSL
    3. Indonesia – Telkomsel
    4. Macau – CTM
    5. Malaysia – Maxis
    6. Philippines – Globe Telecom
    7. Taiwan – Taiwan Mobile
    8. Thailand – AIS
  • Enjoy FREE extended coverage
    1. France – Orange
    2. USA – AT&T
    3. Switzerland – Swisscom
    4. Japan – Softbank

Bridge DataRoam Unlimited

  • Price
    • 1 day – S$14
    • 3 days – S$38
    • 5 days – S$56
  • Data Bundle: Unlimited
  • Service Coverage
    1. Australia – Optus
    2. Hong Kong – CSL
    3. India – Bharti Airtel
    4. Indonesia – Telkomsel
    5. Korea – SK Telecom
    6. Macau – CTM
    7. Malaysia – Maxis
    8. Philippines – Globe Telecom
    9. Taiwan – Taiwan Mobile
    10. Thailand – AIS

I can’t really figure out what is the difference between the two plans if you go to countries like Hong Kong, Indonesia or Taiwan as an example.

Obviously I want to choose the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited plan as it is S$14 vs S$20 of the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus plan and most likely I will take the 3 days plan for S$38.

Do note that you need to stay connected to the specific network of the country. So make sure you choose the network manually rather than let it auto connect to any network (which is most likely the default setting).


  • Dial *7626 (*ROAM) from Singapore
  • Type *7626 via sms and send to 3333 from overseas


SingTel Travelling Overseas: Roaming
Official Site: Bridge Alliance

See also: SingTel Bridge Data Roaming – Part 2

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  • mils

    Lester – any feedback on how this worked for you?

    would be interested to know as I have a some overseas travel upcoming and this would be very useful.



  • Lester Chan

    Yeap this works for me. I have not received my bill yet, once I do, I will scan it and upload it to flickr. Check out my flickr photos, I have screenshots on my iPhone.

    Edit: Just got my bill yesterday and uploaded the screen capture! Works as advertised!

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  • Jwny

    thank you this is very useful. I guess people who don’t manually set the network will suffer if they detect non-Bridge Alliance partners

  • CSKY

    If u are just traveling to a single country – best to invest in a mini wifi (mi-fi) that will allow you to connect up to 5 devices (e.g. – phone, iPad, laptop etc) simultaneously. Just purchase a prepaid local data sim card – e.g. Optus in Australia, AT&T in the US, 3 in HK etc. This works brilliantly – I have spent an average of $30 to $40 on a pre-paid data sim card in these various countries for surfing up to 5 or 6 days. The mifi I have is the Huawei mifi – about $150 for the slightly older model – available from Challenger at Funan. Check it out.