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SingTel Bridge Data Roaming – Part 2

In my previous blog post on SingTel Bridge Data Roaming – Part 1 which is dated 3 months ago, since then SingTel has upgraded their SMS system for activating the Bridge Data Roaming. In the previous system, you can’t activate Bridge DataRoam Unlimited via SMS which is cheaper than Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus plan if you are only data roaming in 1 country.

Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus

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SingTel Bridge Data Roaming

Li Xiang and I will be going to Jakarta, Indonesia tomorrow for the weekend to visit my secondary school friend Sugih and to meet Pei Jun there.

My iPhone 4 is as good as a paper weight when I go overseas because I can’t use data on it due to expensive data roaming. I always wanted to try SingTel’s Bridge DataRoam Unlimited but didn’t have chance to read up more about it. So for tomorrow’s trip, I decided to research a little.

SingTel Bridge Data Roaming Price Plans

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