The Promise (@wepromiseyou) is an AWESOME creative marketing campaign by PayPal. It is so personalized and targeted to individual bloggers.

The Promise (#promisekept) features four boys (Eugene, Nicholas, Erik and Josh) who are ordinary Singaporeans from different walks of life. They have banded together to create more awareness about issues that are close to their heart, one of which is online shopping. If you want to know more about the four boys, do check out their profiles and music videos on The Promise website at

The video that they did for me is regarding my search for SwitchEasy CoverBuddy not long after iPad 2 is released in Singapore. I must say the video is very well done. Funniest moment is the comic strip where it says “Mother says: Always Take Good Care Of Your Things” LOL.

Do check out the other 20 videos by The Promise as well featuring other bloggers from Singapore as well as Malaysia.

Official Site: The Promise
Twitter: @wepromiseyou