Thanks to SingTel and HTC for organising the Most Checked-in Party at Zouk . It was awesome! I was slightly late for the party due to work commitments but better late than never arrive at all!

First thing upon reaching Zouk is for you to register for the party. There are a few computers outside for you to login to your Facebook account, upon logging in, you need to like SingTel’s Facebook Page and then allow SingTel & HTC Event Facebook Application to access your Facebook details. This is to allow the RFID tagging to work.

After you registered, you proceed on to pose for photos in front of the giant Facebook wall mock up and after that, you are in Zouk!

I found a total of 5 RFIDs Machines at the party:

  • Giant Facebook Wall (Photo Taking)
  • The Bar (Free Flow Drinks)
  • Toy Machine (Catch Free Android Figurines Using UFO Catcher)
  • Farm Story Zone (Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)
  • Angry Birds Zone (Play Life Size Angry Birds Game)
Giant Facebook Wall
Giant Facebook Wall
Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Angry Birds Zone
Angry Birds Zone

There are also 2 contests that took place, 1 is abbreviation challenge and the other is imitating the Android bots dancing. The abbreviation challenge is tough! There are some abbreviations that I never used before like LTNS (Long Time No See) and GNASD (Good Night And Sweet Dreams).

Door Gift - Facebook Stickers
Door Gift – Facebook Stickers

Li Xiang and I enjoyed ourselves at the party, hope to see more of these type of geeky/social party happening!