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Received an email from Guyi Shen who is the director of Lobangclub which is an iPhone App (for now). I find the app pretty cool. It is similar to ShopSavvy and Singtel’s Price Pal.

What is Lobangclub?

Lobangclub is a free Singaporean app that finds you the best deals on any product. We do this by contributions from you, our community of shoppers. We already have over 500,000+ products in Singapore.

How to use?

  • Step 1: Scan a barcode on the product you want to buy.
  • Step 2: You will receive a list of all the shops in Singapore that sell that product and the prices.
  • Step 3: You can help us by either contributing a price or verifying that the price is correct.

It uses your Facebook credentials for login and the UI is pretty good.

I tried the barcode scanning on 2 items (Panadol ActiFast & Nescafe Blend 37), it works perfect and even give you a picture of the product after you scanned the barcode.

I am able to get the price for the Nescafe Blend 37 but no price is available for the Panadol ActiFast. If there are no prices available, you can tap on the “Got lobang?” button and it will bring you to a screen for you to add the price, location of the item and even indicate a sale period.

I wish they have a karma or reputation points system, to entice users to submit prices and the community can mark them accurate by a “like” or something.

Profile Screen (Left), History (Right)

Scanning Screen (Left), After Scan Screen (Right)

Add Lobang Screen

App Store: Lobangclub – Singapore price comparison barcode scanner

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