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Apple Store iOS App Now Available in Singapore

After today’s update to Apple Store iOS App, I just realised the app is now available for all Singapore App Store users! Previously, I tried to download it and it just say it is not available in my region yet.

With WWDC 2015 taking place from 8th June 2015 till 12th June 2015, Tim Cook will probably announce the second wave of countries for the Apple Watch and I am pretty sure Singapore will be in. On a side note, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has listed Apple Watch in its database.

Apple Store app on iOS
Apple Store app on iOS

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Apple Singapore App Store Now In Singapore Dollars (S$)

Finally! Prices in both the iOS App Store and Mac App Store in Singapore are now displayed in Singapore Dollars (S$ or S$) instead of United Stats Dollars (US$). This means that the price of an app will not fluctuate because of the horrible currency exchange rate between Singapore and United States given by banks.

Last month, when I bought a US$0.99 app, my credit card bill will reflect S$1.30, but now the app just cost S$1.28. Apple uses very reasonable exchange rates, according to Google the exchange rate today (13:45 on Friday, 22nd June 2012) is:

iOS App Store Now In Singapore Dollars (S$) - iPhone
iOS App Store Now In Singapore Dollars (S$) – iPhone

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Yelp Now Available in Singapore App Store

I am travelling to the US this December for the first time and I was looking for the US version of HungryGoWhere, many people recommended Yelp, but unfortunately it is not available in Singapore App Store.

I tweeted about it and mentioned @yelp. They replied me 2 days later via Twitter asking me which country I am in, I told them Singapore and in a few hours time, they opened it for Singapore App Store! Kudos to the Yelp Mobile Team!

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