The first Pan-Asian PHP conference, PHPConf.Asia 2015, starts today. The two-day conference is held at Kent Ridge Guild House (9 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119241).

PHPConf.Asia 2015
PHPConf.Asia 2015

We are honoured to have, Rasmus Lerdorf, who is the creator of PHP to give the opening keynote.

For the closing keynote, we are also honoured to have, Jenny Wong, who is a Community Engineer at Human Made as a speaker. I am a fan of Human Made because Human Made is a Leading WordPress Development Agency in the UK.

Other notable speakers based on GitHub followers include:

  • Extremely Defensive PHP by Marco Pivetta (Software Consultant, Roave, LLC)
  • Performance Testing for Modern Apps by Dustin Whittle (Developer Evangelist, AppDynamics)
  • PHP7, HHVM and Co by Pierre Joye (Software Engineer, / Microsoft)
  • Writing PHP with React by Jack Lenox (Design Engineer, Automattic)
  • Go Reinvent The Wheel by Sam-Mauris Yong (Student, NUS)
PHPConf.Asia 2015 - Schedule
PHPConf.Asia 2015 – Schedule

Managed to take a photo with Rasmus at yesterday’s Singapore PHP Communities Combined Meetup.

PHPConf.Asia 2015 - Rasmus Lerdorf and I
PHPConf.Asia 2015 – Rasmus Lerdorf and I