Bought the Nest Cam from Amazon for US$183.90 (S$265). It qualifies for the free AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping and hence shipping to Singapore is free.

US$183.90 is not the lowest price, it went down to $168.99 during Black Friday 2015 but unfortunately, I miss out on that promotion.

I also bought a few Nest Cam accessories like the Dropcases Nest Cam Case Outdoor Enclosure, Black Ball Joint Wall Mount for Dropcases and 20ft (6m) USB Power Cable for Nest Cam from Amazon. Those accessories don’t ship to Singapore directly, and hence I have to ship it through my US freight forwarder, HopShopGo.

As you can see, I intend to mount my Nest Cam outside my house for me to monitor any activities that takes place at the common corridor.


Nest Cam - Box Front
Nest Cam – Box Front
Nest Cam - Box Back
Nest Cam – Box Back
Nest Cam - Box
Nest Cam – Box
Nest Cam - Box Open
Nest Cam – Box Open
Nest Cam - Box Open
Nest Cam – Box Open
Nest Cam - Booklets
Nest Cam – Booklets
Nest Cam - Box Contents
Nest Cam – Box Contents
Nest Cam - Micro-USB Cable
Nest Cam – Micro-USB Cable
Nest Cam - USB Power Adapter
Nest Cam – USB Power Adapter
Nest Cam - Front
Nest Cam – Front
Nest Cam - Back
Nest Cam – Back
Nest Cam
Nest Cam

Countries Supported
Singapore is not in the list of countries when you set up your Nest Cam. I have no idea why. We are in 2016 for god’s sake, is there still a need to limit which country you are from? Can’t they just list down all the countries in the world?

This problem had been brought up since January 2013 in their community forums and three years later, the problem still persists.

For some reasons, China is inside the list and hence you can set it to use Beijing’s Time Zone which is GMT +8, the same as Singapore. In this way, your Nest Cam date and time stamp will be accurate.

However, if you set it to China, you will not be able to subscribe to Nest Aware as it is only available in certain countries like the US or Europe.

Nest iOS App - RegionNest iOS App - Country
Nest iOS App – Region/Country

Since I am going to subscribe to Nest Aware, I have no choice but to set it to a US address. I am using my HopShopGo address.

Seriously, WTF Nest?

Nest Aware
Nest Cam requires a subscription plan called Nest Aware and because of that it put off quite a lot of people.

The subscription plan allow you to view 10 or 30 days video history, have an alert summary, set up activity zone for personalized alerts and allow you to export video clips.

The price for 10-day video history starts at US$10/month (S$15/month) or US$100/year (S$150/year) and the 30-day video history starts at US$30 (S$45/month) or US$300/year (S$450/year).

I intend to try the US$100/year to see how if it works for me and if it doesn’t work out, I still can use it as a live viewer to see outside my house.

Just in case you are wondering, you need to set your Nest Cam to be a US address (as mentioned above) in order to subscribe to Nest Aware. You don’t need a VPN and it does accept Singapore Credit Card as payment, so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you thought you can switch back to a China address after subscribing to Nest Aware, you are wrong. If you switch country, your Nest Aware will be cancelled and the remaining amount will be refunded back to you.

Nest “Home”
You can only setup a maximum of two “homes” on one Nest account and up to 10 Nest Cams per “home”. Again, I have no idea why is there a restriction on the number of “Homes” or Nest Cams.

Nest also doesn’t support multiple users per home which is kinda irritating. I hope in future updates, it would allow multiple users to access/manage a home. But judging from this April 2013 thread in their community forums, it is unlikely to happen.


Nest iOS App - AccountNest iOS App - Home
Nest iOS App – Account/Home
Nest iOS App - Setup #1Nest iOS App - Setup #2
Nest iOS App – Setup
Nest iOS App - Setup #3Nest iOS App - Setup #4
Nest iOS App – Setup
Nest iOS App - Setup #5Nest iOS App - Setup #6
Nest iOS App – Setup
Nest iOS App - Setup #7Nest iOS App - Setup #8
Nest iOS App – Setup
Nest iOS App - HomeNest iOS App - Live
Nest iOS App – Home/Live
Nest iOS App - SettingsNest iOS App - Nest Aware
Nest iOS App – Settings/Nest Aware

Nest cam is a very good product. It is easy to setup and it just works. The video is clear and you can even speak from the camera. I will gladly pay a yearly subscription for it. However, they need to ease down on the country restrictions and open up to the rest of the world.