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Starling Home Hub

Starling Home Hub allows you to connect Google Nest devices to HomeKit. I am looking to display all my Nest Cam devices in HomeKit specifically.

Currently, I am doing it with Homebridge and homebridge-google-nest-sdm plugin. I paid US$5, so this plugin can use the Google Smart Device Management (SDM) API.

Starling Home Hub - Box Open
Starling Home Hub – Box Open

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Mounting Nest Cam Outdoors

I am intending to mount my Nest Cam outside my new house. If you are like me and intend to mount it outside, you would probably need three Nest Cam accessories.

Unfortunately, all three accessories doesn’t ship to Singapore directly from Amazon and hence you have to use a freight forwarder like HopShopGo.

Nest Cam Accessories - Boxes
Nest Cam Accessories – Boxes

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