The battery of my APC BACK-UPS BK650-AS USB 650VA only lasted me about three years. A new APC Replacement Battery, RBC #17, costs S$113, 56% of the cost of a new APC BACK-UPS BK650-AS (~S$200). It doesn’t make financial sense to replace the battery.

After my APC BACK-UPS BK650-AS battery spoiled, I decided to use both of my Network-Attached Storage (NAS) as it is at my new house. However, my house’s electricity keeps tripping randomly at least once a month for various reasons.

The first time was due to most of my 13A sockets being connected to a 20A Single Pole MCB. The electrician replaced it with a 32A Single Pole MCB, which solves the tripping from the appliances in my house.

Just as I thought it was the end of the tripping, now my Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) trips randomly. TKTKTK

So, I decided to try another brand. Searching Lazada, it seems Prolink PRO1201SFCU UPS is a popular brand, and it is value for money. It is also compatible with Synology NAS based on Synology Products Compatibility List (UPS).

Many capacities are available, but I chose the PRO1201SFCU since Synology directly tested it, and it fits within my budget.

  • PRO700SFCU: 650VA
  • PRO851SFCU: 850VA
  • PRO1201SFCU: 1,200VA
  • PRO1250SFCU: 1,250VA
  • PRO1501SFCU: 1,500VA
  • PRO2000SFCU: 2,000VA
  • PRO3000SFCU: 3,000VA

The usual retail price of the PRO1201SFCU is S$165.49, but during Lazada’s Birthday, many discounts are available. After all the discounts, I ended up paying S$133.84.

Prolink PRO1201SFCU - Box Front
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – Box Front
Prolink PRO1201SFCU - Box
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – Box

This is a no-frills UPS that doesn’t come with anything in the box besides the UPS and the instruction manual itself.

Prolink PRO1201SFCU - Box Contents
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – Box Contents

There is only one button, which is just to turn the UPS on or off.

Prolink PRO1201SFCU - Front
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – Front

The overall build of the UPS feels cheap, but given the price, I guess it is still acceptable. What’s important should be the batter inside.

Prolink PRO1201SFCU - Top
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – Top

There are no rubber feet at the bottom, but this is good because there is nothing to disintegrate, and it will not stain the top of your furniture. The rubber feet of my APC BACK-UPS BK650-AS became sticky after three years.

Prolink PRO1201SFCU - Bottom
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – Bottom

One good thing about the PRO1201SFCU is that it works with any plug type without the need to switch out the power cable of your NAS. PRO1201SFCU supports up to four sockets.

Prolink PRO1201SFCU - Back
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – Back

Two things I dislike about the PRO1201SFCU are the non-removable power cord and the fact that it doesn’t come with the USB Type-B to USB-A cable.

UGreen USB Type-B to USB-A Cable
UGreen USB Type-B to USB-A Cable

I need to purchase the cable separately to use it with Synology NAS so that it can trigger a shutdown immediately when the UPS switches to battery mode.

Synology UPS Settings
Synology UPS Settings

Besides the two minor annoyances, PRO1201SFCU is still a good buy, given the price and compatibility with Synology NAS.

Prolink PRO1201SFCU - With Synology NAS
Prolink PRO1201SFCU – With Synology NAS
Prolink PRO1201SFCU
Prolink PRO1201SFCU