1 Done And 1 Half Done

Handed in both assignments on time, I will be uploading almost all the assignments I done to the site under the port folio section by the end of the school semester. My P&Q2 assignments are all completed, now need to concentrate on the test thats all. My DEUI left the assignment 2 (2nd submission) which is a report. Just hate reports. It is basically all talk cocking and craps.

Will be concentrating on CANI assignment 2 tomorrow, because it think it is the most difficult assignment to do.

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DEUI Assignment 2(1st Submission) Completed

Woot, finally completed my DEUI Assignment 2(1st Submission). Need to hand in tomorrow before 12 noon. P&Q2 assignment 1 also near completion, left the executive summary, will be doing that in school tomorrow. Need to hand in that before 5pm. More assignments dealine are nearing. DIE.

Watched So Close again today at GV Grand with my family. They pay, so I don’t really mind watching it again, since it is a good show. Hehe

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Yet Another Happy Day

Went out with her the whole day. Very happy LOL. We watched So Closed, show lasted about 2 hours, very good show I must say, action packed and quite touching. Later went to NYDC for dinner, then we walk all the way to Esplanade and stayed there a while before sending her home. Hehe

Time passes so fast today. Will be completing my DEUI soon. Lalala

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World Peace

Well, nothing happned to US on September 911, that is good. Let’s pray for world peace, and US will not attack Iraq.

Been busy the whole day, doing DEUI, that is why I update the page so late. Still doing the animation part although it is simple. Anyway my flash creativity sucks, so cannot blame me. Done 1 of the content grouping, left 2 more, think will leave it to later on in the night. Woo, my DEUI assignment 1 got an A, the one regarding user interface report on Warcraft III. I didn’t expect it. =)

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September 11th (911)

Today marks the anniversary of September 11th attacks. Commemorating the thousands of lives lost on September 11, New Yorkers are holding ceremonies and remembrances Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

It is a year since the terrible atrocities of September 11 in New York and Washington. But the memory of that catastrophic day remains seared in our collective memories in much the same way that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are a recurring nightmare in the consciousness of the older generation of Japanese.

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September 10th

1 more day to the anniversary of September 11th. Wonder anything will happen tomorrow? Lets pray for world peace. LOL

Stayed in school until 6.30pm to do P&Q2 assignment with my group, almost done, just a few more bits to go. 1 assignment down, 6 more to go. Haiz. Very stressed, so many assignments, so little time. Learnt facial expression animation in CANI lecture today. I can say that it is VERY difficult. Cannot Make It. Sighz

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They Mean Business

During my lunch time, I went to accompany my friends to see our P&Q2 teacher outside the ICT office, saw around 5 lecturers holding a stack of paper, going around that level catching students who have long hair, outrages colored hair, did not wear lanyard, wearing slippers and wearing singlets. Saw ALOT of students caught, luckily I cut my hair on Friday, if not 101% I will get caught. This is so strict. Just bear for 2 more months before school holidays, and once school reopens next year, I think will be back to the good old slacking days. LOL

Started my DEUI assignment, still cannot decide which layout to use. Wanted to use the “Desktop” style layout, but in the end I scrap the idea. Still thinking…….. Hmmmmmm

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P&Q2 Assignment 1

Went to Crystal Jade Kitchen to eat breakfast, well the food standard there is considered average judging from my taste buds. Later went to buy present for someone special, as her birthday is coming. Hehe. Few more days till she turn 18.

After everything, I went to Sunetc to do P&Q2 assignment with my group, stayed there for about 3 hours at McDonalds and the P&Q2 assignment we are doing requires us to research on McDonalds. Many a times we often joke “We want to see your manager” if we need any type of McDonalds related information. LOL

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Its A Saturday

Woke up in the afternoon, spend almost the whole afternoon doing the “sticky news post”. It can be considered done. Meet my friends in the evening, we went to Geylang to have our dinner then proceed to Orchard Road. And we walk around Orchard Road until about 9.30 pm before going home from there.

I Will be doing some shopping with my mom tomorrow morning and in the afternoon will be going to Suntec City to do my P&Q assignment 1. The deadline for the assignment is also on 16th September 2002.

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